Miroco MI-AH001 Ultrasonic Cool Humidifier with 6L Tank Review

For those who want a larger machine for their room or home, the Miroco MI-AH001 ultrasonic cool humidifier with a 6L tank is going to be great. It is extremely affordable, and it is also quiet, which means that you can use it in your home or office without worrying about listening to it all day. It also has no filter, which means it will be easy to maintain, and you don’t have to worry about replacing it or cleaning it.Miroco MI-AH001 Ultrasonic Cool Humidifier with 6L Tank Review


  • No filter means nearly no maintenance required
  • In-built handle that makes it easier to move it around
  • Brush included for brushing down the base of the machine
  • Adjustable mist levels
  • In-built night light
  • 90-day money-back guarantee and a 1-year warranty
  • Automatic turn off after 20 to 60 hours
  • Low level of noise, which can be used in any room


  • It can be messy when it comes to removing the tank
  • Can’t use any essential oils with this machine

Design, Size

This is a small machine, which makes it perfect for use in your bedroom or even your office. It is 10.2 by 7 by 16.3 inches in size, and it only weighs 4.5 pounds, which means you can move it around easily. The design is also sleek, which means that it would fit in any area without having to worry about if it will clash with the theme of your room, and it is black, which won’t show any damage as easily.


The Miroco MI-AH001 ultrasonic cool humidifier with a 6L tank works great, and you can use this in any room where you will need some extra water in the air. It is effortless to work, and it requires very little maintenance as well, which is ideal for a college student or someone very busy. It works for a room that is up to 430 square feet, and you can use the knob to set the humidity level you want. The tank light is LED, but you can easily turn it off if you don’t want it to be lit, and there is a gauge so you can easily see just how much water is left in the tank. This is one of the top-performing machines in the price range, so go ahead and think about buying it for your home.

Main Features

You will want to think about this with many features when it comes to the Miroco MI-AH001 ultrasonic cool humidifier with a 6L tank. Some of the main features include:

  • In-built handle – There is an in-built handle in the machine that would make it easy to transport it wherever you need to take it, and it is lightweight, which makes it even easier to move around in your home, even in your office.
  • Humidity knob – There is also a knob that would let you easily change the amount of humidity you want without using an LED screen to do the work so you can have it set at a pre-set level.
  • Easy to use – The Miroco MI-AH001 ultrasonic cool humidifier with a 6L tank is easy to use, and you have to fill up the tank and then choose the humidity level the mist option.
  • 360 mist – You can also get the mist for 360 degrees, and you can easily use the turn knob to adjust it without worrying about anything.
  • Easy to maintain – This is another great machine that will be easy to maintain since there isn’t a filter, and you would have to empty the extra liquid in the base and wash the sponge in the back.
  • No filter – Another good thing about this machine is that it doesn’t require a filter, which you aren’t going to have to replace or purchase.
  • Sleek design – The machine’s design is very sleek and elegant, which means that you can use it easily in any room without worrying about if it will look out of place.
  • Warranty – The Miroco MI-AH001 ultrasonic cool humidifier with a 6L tank has a 1-year warranty, and if you aren’t happy with the machine, they also offer a 90-day guarantee for your money back.
  • Gauge – You can also see just how much water is left in the tank by the gauge, making it simple to see it without removing the tank, which can be a pain.

Ensure that you are always thinking about the various features that each machine has to decide which one will be the best. When you know what the features are, then you can use them as a great way to decide which machine is best if you are going to be looking at a few options. This one is good because it costs, so go ahead and get it for your home since it can be used in any room.

Noise level

Miroco MI-AH001 Ultrasonic Cool Humidifier with 6L Tank Review

If you want something that you can use in your bedroom that wouldn’t be very noisy, this will be ideal. This one is 26 dB in terms of sound, which means that you won’t hear it as it operates, which is great if you will use this in your room or the room of a child. Finding a quiet one will be important, so the Miroco MI-AH001 ultrasonic cool humidifier with a 6L tank is something to consider if this is a critical factor.

Maintenance and Upkeep

You would need to do a bit of maintenance with this machine, but it isn’t as much since there isn’t a filter. You would need to wipe down the machine’s base with the brush they give you and get rid of the liquid. Also, there will be a dustproof sponge in the back of the machine that should be cleaned with detergent and water once a month. This is the only maintenance that is going to be required, so this will make it an attractive machine for those who don’t want to put in a lot of effort.

Final Thoughts

If you search for a relatively affordable machine at $69.99, then the Miroco MI-AH001 ultrasonic cool humidifier with a 6L tank is the option to go for. It is effortless to use, and you can change the mist settings at a 360-degree angle, and it requires very little maintenance. The tank is large enough that you won’t have to keep refilling it when you are sleeping, but instead, it will last for around 20 to 60 hours. This is a great machine and is one that we would recommend for everyone who is searching for one for their house.

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