Top 6 Best Through-The-Wall Air Conditioners

Window ACs are easy to install, compact, and very user-friendly. But they are a bit ill-placed. And this improper placement leads to improper distribution of blown air. Moreover, they cover your windows and may, in turn, disturb the overall ventilation of the room. 

On the other hand, Split ACs have an ideal place for proper air dispense and comfort. However, two units make it somewhat tricky to install and use.

But what if you get a perfect blend of the merits of both of these types of ACs? Well, that’s what thru-the-wall ACs are. They are single-unit air conditioners that can be placed through your room walls simply and effortlessly.

And for this reason, the market, nowadays, is jam-packed with such ACs. And a variety of brands irrespective of their popularity, technological advancement, affordability, etc. are entering the race and claiming to provide top-quality thru-the-wall ACs. 

Therefore, choosing the right AC can be highly confusing for many of the customers. 

So, here are the Top 6 Best Through-The-Wall Air conditioners you can buy.

Top 6 Best Through-The-Wall Air Conditioners

1. Friedrich Uni-Fit Series US12D10C Wall Air ConditionerFriedrich Uni-Fit Series US12D10C Wall Air Conditioner

The Friedrich Uni-Fit US12D10C is a powerful and efficient AC. It has a high cooling capacity of 11,500 BTU. Thus, it can cover areas as large as 550 sq ft. The maximum air blowing capacity of the unit is 290 cu ft per minute.

Also, this AC has ENERGY STAR and AHAM certificates. The EER of this AC is 9.8.

The feature counter of this AC includes the 6-way airflow louvers, timer setting, and three operating modes, including the energy-saver way. You also get a user-friendly remote control with a confusion-free design.

Moreover, it has a slim and sleek design. The unit also has a flush mount to facilitate ease in installation. 

Overall, the system is straightforward to install. It has a unique design to fit perfectly in sleeves of 24½”, 26” and 27”.


  • Large Area coverage
  • 6-way directional louvers
  • Highly Affordable
  • ENERGY STAR and AHAM certificate


  • Lacks Sleep mode
  • Not an all-weather AC


Overall, this powerful Air Conditioner with its convenient features and usage is a perfect choice for all sizes of rooms for providing a comfortable, cool environment.

2. Koldfront WTC14012WCO230V Through-The-Wall Air ConditionerKoldfront WTC14012WCO230V Through-The-Wall Air Conditioner

When it comes to power, nothing can counter the dominance of 14,000 BTU AC. And the Koldfront WTC14012WCO230V is one of the best such ACs available in the market. It is a sturdy product that can cool areas up to 700 sq ft. 

It is an energy-efficient AC with an EER of 9.4. However, it does not have an ENERGY STAR certificate. 

Moreover, these product bags a whole lot of features. These features include all-weather operating modes (including dry mode), timer setting, sleep mode, three ideal fan speeds, and much more. The smart design of the wall sleeve avoids unwanted leakages.

Also, it includes a good quality remote control for extra convenience.

The installation process is comparatively easy. However, due to the heavier weight, it is better to take the help of professionals. This AC has a simple yet appealing design.


  • Powerful & Quick operation
  • Variety of features
  • Sleep Mode
  • Large Area Coverage


  • Heavy
  • No ENERGY STAR certificate


In total, the Koldfront WTC14012WCO230V is a powerful and multipurpose AC that suits well with the needs of all room sizes and all weather conditions.

3. Frigidaire FFTA1422R2 Through-The-Wall ACFrigidaire FFTA1422R2 Through-The-Wall AC

Another 14,000 BTU AC with a practical and quick performance is the Frigidaire FFTA1422R2. It is an excellent looking AC with easy installation. The Area coverage of this AC is up to 700 sq ft.

It is an energy-efficient appliance. The unit requires a 230 Volt electric outlet. It includes a convenient LED readout display for quickly setting up the desired temperature as well as the timer. The luxurious thermostat remote control can set the surrounding temperature in a comfortable and user-friendly way. 

Moreover, the unit features an 8-way airflow vent for consistent performance. The product operates at three cooling rates and three fan speeds. 

In the dehumidification mode, the unit is capable of removing up to 4.3 pints of water per hour from your surroundings, which is one of the highest capacities in thru-the-wall ACs.


  • Thermostat remote Control
  • 8-way airflow 
  • Large Area coverage
  • Powerful Performance


  • Higher Noise levels


With its wide variety of features and exceptional quality, Frigidaire FFTA1422R2 is a perfect choice for your houses, offices, basements, and even large halls.

4. Perfect Aire 4PATW10000 Thru-The-Wall Air ConditionerPerfect Aire 4PATW10000 Thru-The-Wall Air Conditioner

A convenient 10000 BTU AC with impressive quality, Perfect Aire 4PATW10000, is a perfect choice for cooling down your surrounding air when the weather goes rough. This AC can cover areas up to 450 sq ft efficiently.

It is a sleek yet powerful AC with high energy efficiency. The EER of this ENERGY STAR certified AC is 10.6. 

Besides, it also provides some of the luxurious features. It includes a top-quality thermostat remote control with the ‘Follow Me’ function. The sleep mode, 24-H timer, dry mode, energy-saving mode add on to the convenience.

The design of the unit is simple, essential, and easy to install. This unit comprises a front-mounted reusable and easy to clean the filter. 


  • ENERGY STAR certificate
  • Easy to install
  • Thermostat Remote control
  • Efficient performance


  • Poor Instruction manual
  • No wall sleeve included


The Perfect Aire 4PATW10000, with its smooth and comfortable operation, proves to be a perfectly suitable choice for all kinds of customers.

5. LG LT1016CER Through-the-Wall Air Conditioner LG LT1016CER Through-the-Wall Air Conditioner Review

If you are looking for a good-looking air Conditioner that fits perfectly well with your home decor, the LG LT1016CER would be the right choice for you. It is a fashionable product that does not compromise with performance.

It has a cooling capacity of 9,800 BTU and can cover areas as large as 450 sq ft quite efficiently. The gold-fin anti-corrosion coating over this AC keeps it protected from degradation. 

It is an energy-efficient AC that stays soft over your electricity bills. 

Moreover, it has an easy thru-the-wall setup. The design and size of the unit are made to fit stably and safely. 

Also, it features a top-quality full functional remote control with an LED display for even more convenience.


  • Gold-fin Anti-corrosion coating
  • Excellent Aesthetics
  • Variety of cooling and fan modes
  • Easy to install


  • Slightly loud at higher fan speeds
  • Lower Affordability


As far as quality is concerned, this AC will leave no stone unturned to impress you with its convenient and cozy operation. Also, the good looking design of this AC makes a perfect choice for living rooms, bedrooms, etc.

6. Emerson Quiet Kool EATC12RE1 Wall Air ConditionerEmerson Quiet Kool EATC12RE1 Air Conditioner

Emerson is well known for its quality and performance in the field of electrical appliances. The Emerson Quiet Kool 115 V air conditioner is no exception.

The portable AC can cool a room size up to 550 square feet. It has a cooling capacity of 12,000 BTU.

The through-the-wall AC can fit into any existing window sleeves. The interior trim kit provides the unit an excellent appearance to your room and further enhances its aesthetics.

It cannot be installed in the room window.

You can have a sound and refreshing night sleep- thanks to the ultra-quiet operation of the cooling appliance.

The AC can also be used as a dehumidifier. It’s auto evaporation technology helps in reducing moisture in the air without requiring drainage.

One year warranty on labor, two years on parts and five years on the significant component i.e., the compressor speak volume about the confidence the manufacturer has in the excellent quality of the AC.


  • Low noise level
  • Very useful for medium size rooms
  • Auto evaporation technology
  • Portable
  • 3-tier warranty


  • The hose is not exceptionally sturdy


All in all, if you want a high-quality portable AC cum dehumidifier that efficiently suits your requirements, this AC will be the right choice for you.


So, these were the top 6 best through-the-wall ACs available in the market.

We know that there are numerous through-the-wall AC sellers in the market. We also realize that with each seller claiming its AC to be the best, it is challenging for anyone to choose the best AC out of the lot.

However, we conducted a thorough study of the available ACs. We compared each one of them on their features. We also studied the customers’ responses to each of these models.

After this in-depth & extensive research, we shortlisted these top 6 best ACs in the through-the-wall AC category and shared their key features, pros, and cons with you in detail.

We hope that you find this study helpful in selecting the best through-the-wall AC that caters to your specific needs.

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