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Cubic Mini Wood Stoves – Small But Are They Really Efficient?

Cubic Mini Wood Stoves is a company that specializes in manufacturing small, efficient, durable, compact, and high-quality materials wood-burning stoves designed for heating small spaces, such as tiny houses, cabins, RVs, boats, and other compact living environments.

These stoves are designed to provide warmth and a cozy ambiance while minimizing the space required for installation. They often feature a modern, minimalist design, making them visually appealing and fitting seamlessly into various interior settings.

The company’s stoves typically use a small amount of wood for fuel and are constructed to maximize heat output and burn efficiency. This makes them a popular choice for those looking to reduce their environmental footprint and heating costs while living in small spaces.

In this article, we will review their 2 best-selling wood stoves – CB-1210 GRIZZLY Cubic Mini Wood Stove and CB-1008 CUB Cubic Mini Wood Stove.

Cubic Mini Wood Stoves Overview & Pros And Cons

CB-1210 GRIZZLY Cubic Mini Wood Stove

CB-1210 GRIZZLY Cubic Mini Wood Stove

Crafted with cozy nooks and compact abodes in its heart, the Grizzly Wood Stove emerges as a radiant savior, banishing dampness, kindling inner warmth, and unfurling a homely spectacle.

A heartwarming centerpiece for your intimate abode, whether it’s a wanderlust-infused tiny home on wheels or a tranquil boat, the Grizzly transcends boundaries to blanket any space with its gentle, dry embrace.

Sink into relaxation, bask in its enchanting radiance, and let the day’s tales unravel in the comforting embrace of its inviting warmth.


  • Stylish design, small size
  • Easy installation
  • Eco-friendly
  • Produces less smoke than other similar stoves
  • Easy to remove the rail


  • Not suitable for larger homes
  • No wood storage

CB-1008 CUB Cubic Mini Wood Stove

CB-1008 CUB Cubic Mini Wood Stove

Cub Wood Stove, the inaugural masterpiece from the artisans at Cubic Mini, was conceived out of necessity during chilly, moisture-laden nights aboard a boat.

The very genesis of this remarkable stove was rooted in the quest to vanquish humidity woes in that confined nautical space. It didn’t take long for word to spread among friends who discovered the precious gem in the Cub’s warming embrace.

As the smallest gem in our stove collection, the Cub Wood Stove is tailor-made for tiny nomadic abodes and seaworthy vessels. For optimal performance, entrust this diminutive powerhouse to snug spaces under 200 square feet during the gentle seasons of Spring and Fall.


  • Compact size
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Perfect for tiny house owners
  • Good price/performance ration


  • No wood storage

Build Quality And Design

Cubic Mini Wood Stoves are known for their high build quality and thoughtful design.

They are made of durable, high-quality materials, such as thick steel and brass plated coil and thick self-cleaning Robax glass. Robust construction ensures the stove’s longevity and resistance to wear and tear.

The stoves feature a modern and minimalist design that adds a touch of contemporary style to the living space.

Their sleek and clean lines make them visually appealing, and they can complement a variety of interior aesthetics.

They are small and lightweight, making them a popular choice for tiny homes, cabins, and other confined living spaces.

The grizzly model is only 13″ (Wide) x 15″ (High) x 12″ (Depth), while the CUB model is only 11″ (Wide) x 12″ (High) x 10.5″ (Depth).

Ease of use

Performance Evaluation Cubic Mini Wood Stove

Cubic Mini Wood Stoves are designed to be relatively easy to use, but their ease of use can depend on your familiarity with wood-burning stoves and your specific installation.

Here are some key points to consider regarding the ease of use:


Adding fuel to the stove is straightforward. You’ll typically use dry wood, and the stoves are designed to burn small amounts of wood to produce heat efficiently.

Managing the airflow and controlling the burn rate can be adjusted with the stove’s controls.


Lighting a Cubic Mini Wood Stove is similar to lighting any wood-burning stove. You can use kindling and firewood, and some models may have features like air wash systems to keep the glass door clean.

Learning how to light and maintain the fire can take a bit of practice but is generally manageable.

Heat Control

Most Cubic Mini stoves have controls for adjusting the airflow to control heat output. Once familiar with these controls, you can easily regulate the temperature to suit your comfort needs.


Regular cleaning is essential to maintain efficient and safe operation. This involves ash removal, cleaning the glass door, and inspecting the chimney.

The frequency of cleaning depends on how often you use the stove and the type of wood you burn.


Following safety precautions, such as maintaining proper clearances from combustible materials and using suitable hearth protection, is vital to ensure safe operation. These safety measures should not be overlooked.

In summary, Cubic Mini Wood Stoves can be relatively easy for those with some experience with wood-burning stoves. They are designed to be efficient and user-friendly.

However, if you’re new to wood-burning stoves or uncertain about the installation process, it’s advisable to seek guidance or assistance from a professional to ensure safe and effective use.

Performance Evaluation


hardwood for mini stove fuel
Source: cubicminiwoodstoves.com

For an optimal burning experience, there’s no substitute for well-seasoned hardwood and carefully crafted pressed logs.

The key to efficient combustion lies in the length of the wood, ideally around 6 3/4 inches (about 17.14 cm) for a Grizzly Cubic Mini Wood Stove and 5 3/4″ (14.60 cm) long for a CUB stove.

This length permits excellent airflow, ensuring a clean and consistent burn while safeguarding the inner insulation.

Slight variations in length may be acceptable, but this measurement strikes the perfect balance, guaranteeing excellent side-to-side circulation and the protection of the stove’s inner insulation.


The Cubic Mini Wood Stove Grizzly is known for its impressive heat output, considering its compact size.

While the specific heat output may vary based on factors like the type of wood, the stove’s settings, and the insulation of the space it’s heating, a Cubic Mini Grizzly stove can typically generate around 8,000 to 18,000 BTUs (British Thermal Units) per hour. That’s 2.3 – 5.2 KWh.

The CUB model typically produces a heat output of 6,000 to 14,000 BTUs (British Thermal Units) per hour (1.75 – 4.1 KWh).

Cubic Mini Wood Stoves Advantages Over Other Brands

Here’s our top 5 advantages of having a Mini Wood Stove in your tiny space:

1. Space Efficiency: Mini wood stoves are compact and designed for small areas, optimizing your limited space. Wall mounts and shielding reduce clearance requirements, saving valuable square footage.

2. Humidity Control: These stoves help remove humidity from your space, making it more comfortable. Say goodbye to condensation on windows, especially in damp weather.

3. Cooking Capabilities: Mini wood stoves aren’t just for heating; they double as cooking surfaces. You can prepare meals on them, and some models offer roasting options, effectively turning your stove into a mini oven.

4. Secondary Combustion: Mini wood stoves feature a secondary combustion system that rekindles smoke, maximizing heat output and reducing emissions. This results in longer burn times and more efficient wood usage.

5. Safety: When installed correctly and with proper precautions, mini wood stoves are a safer option for small spaces than propane or diesel heaters. There are no gas tanks or lines, eliminating the risk of potential gas leaks.

Cleaning And Maintenance

Certainly! Here’s a concise overview of the Cleaning and Maintenance Guide for a Wood Burner Stove:

Insulation Replacement

Wood stoves, like Cubic Mini models, have ceramic fiberboard insulation that reflects heat. This insulation can degrade (6 months to 1.5 years) due to aggressive use or improper treatment. Replacement kits are available on the website.

Regular Cleaning

Two primary areas need regular cleaning – the firebox and the flue pipe. The firebox accumulates ash and should be cleaned when necessary.

Use the provided shovel or your preferred method, but do it when the stove is cold.

Creosote Management

Creosote buildup in the flue pipe is common. It has three degrees, with the first and second being easier to clean (dusty and flaky) and the third being challenging (tar-like).

The key is to keep the pipe hot to prevent creosote formation. A double-wall flue pipe is recommended to achieve this.

Check the pipe after a week of use and establish a cleaning schedule based on your stove settings, wood type, weather, and flue system.

Flue Pipe Cleaning

CB-8253 3 inches brush kit for cubic mini wood stoves

Remove the plates at the top of the firebox and the cap, then use a 3″ brush to clean the flue pipe. Replace the plates and cap, and clear any debris from the stove.

Window Maintenance

The stove’s window is self-cleaning when it reaches a certain temperature. To keep it clean, position the wood towards the back and rake the coals forward.

Apart from insulation and the flue pipe, not much else requires cleaning or maintenance for your Cubic Mini wood stove.


Can You Cook On a Cubic Mini Wood Stove?

Yes, you can cook on a Cubic Mini Wood Stove. These stoves are designed not only for heating but also for cooking, which can be a convenient feature, especially in compact living spaces like tiny houses, cabins, RVs, and boats.

Here are a few key points to consider when cooking on a Cubic Mini Wood Stove:

  1. Cooking Surface: Cubic Mini stove models have a flat, sturdy top surface as a cooking platform. This provides a space where you can place cookware like pots and pans.
  2. Cooking Accessories: Cubic Mini may offer optional cooking accessories like grates or trivets to enhance the stove’s cooking capabilities. These accessories help distribute heat more evenly and provide a stable surface for cooking.
  3. Wood Selection: When cooking on a wood stove, it’s essential to use dry, seasoned wood. Green or unseasoned wood can create excessive smoke and may not be suitable for cooking.
  4. Cooking Temperature: Controlling the heat slightly differs from a traditional kitchen stove. You can adjust the heat output of the stove by managing the airflow through the stove’s dampers or vents. This might require some practice to get the hang of.
  5. Cooking Recipes: You can prepare a wide range of dishes on a wood stove, from soups and stews to simple skillet recipes. There are many resources and cookbooks available that focus on wood stove cooking.
  6. Safety: Ensure that your cooking activities are conducted safely. Use appropriate cookware, and be cautious of hot surfaces. Always follow safety guidelines and recommendations provided by the manufacturer.

How Hot Does a Cubic Mini Wood Stove Get?

The temperature a Cubic Mini Wood Stove can reach depends on several factors, including the model of the stove, the type of wood being burned, the airflow settings, and the conditions of the burn.

In general, wood stoves, including Cubic Mini stoves, can reach temperatures ranging from around 400 degrees Fahrenheit (200 degrees Celsius) to 900 degrees Fahrenheit (480 degrees Celsius) or higher during normal operation.

How Long Does a Cubic Mini Wood Stove Burn?

The burn time of a Cubic Mini Wood Stove can range from 4 to 8 hours, depending on factors like the stove model, wood type, and operational control.

Can You Burn Coal In a Cubic Mini Wood Stove?

No, Cubic Mini Wood Stoves are designed for burning wood and using coal or other fuels is not recommended. It’s essential to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and use the specified fuel to ensure safe and efficient operation.

How Far Should a Cubic Mini Wood Stove Be From the Wall?

The clearance requirements for a Cubic Mini Wood Stove can vary depending on the specific model and local building codes, so it’s important to consult the manufacturer’s guidelines and adhere to local regulations.

In general, Cubic Mini stoves often require clearances of around 6 to 12 inches (15 to 30 centimeters) from combustible walls, although this may vary. Always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and local building codes to ensure safe installation.

In Summary

Grizzly Model

The Grizzly Cubic Mini Wood Stove is an excellent choice for heating small spaces. Its compact size, efficiency, and cooking capabilities make it a versatile heating solution.

CUB Model

The Cubic Mini Wood Stove CUB model is a top-notch option for ultra-compact spaces. Its efficient design and heating performance make it a great addition to tiny homes and similar environments.

Both models are worth considering, offering efficiency, compact size, and additional cooking features.

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