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The 5 Best Storm Glass | Predict the Weather

Have you ever looked out the window and wondered what the weather would be like for the day or wished that you could predict it on your own?

If so, you want to have one of the top weather-predicting storm glasses that you can look at to see what the weather might be like outside.

If you are considering whether one of these would suit you, then there is plenty to consider, including the accuracy levels and much more.

Keep reading to learn more about these incredible devices; our comprehensive guide can help you make the ideal choice for your desk or decorative needs.

Top 5 Storm Glass to Buy: Weather Predicting Storm Glass 

1. Best Overall: Constantinople Storm Glass Weather PredictorConstantinople Storm Glass Weather Predictor

If you only want to buy the best one, this one will be the perfect model to check out for all your needs. This is a 2-in-1 set that you can purchase and the crystallization inside the glass drop container would change based on the current weather.

This means that you will get a gorgeous decorative piece, and the inside will never look the same, so you can always look for something different.

These have basic wooden blocks, so they can stand up on your desk to create a stunning piece you can admire.


  • Gorgeous
  • Ideal for decoration
  • Great for gifting


  • Expensive


This is the perfect model to look at if you want something that will look good in your home and help you predict what the weather will be like.

2. Runner Up: G GGPower Storm Glass Weather PredictorG GGPower Storm Glass Weather Predictor

If you don’t want the best, this would be the next best thing you can get, and it comes in a wide variety of sizes. You can choose the large, medium, small, extra extra large, or XXL models to fit anywhere in your home or office.

This is completely sealed, so you don’t have to worry about anything tipping over and spilling since the base is extremely sturdy.

The base is made of light wood, and there is a dip in the wood where you can place the broader end of the glass to keep it upright. Numerous chemicals inside would help change what you see inside, so you can try to figure out what it means for the weather.


  • Affordable
  • Available in different sizes
  • Simple design


  • Not effective in telling the weather


This option is ideal if you want something that will make it easier for you to tell the weather by the liquid’s reaction and look.

3. Best Budget Option: Storm Glass Weather Station Barometer Scientific Decorative GiftStorm Glass Weather Station Barometer Scientific Decorative Gift

This model will be great if you have a small budget or are looking for something you can give someone else who won’t break the bank.

It comes in both a mini and small version, so you can pick the size you want that will fit on your desk or anywhere else you want to put it. In addition, this is fully sealed, so you don’t need to think about if anything will leak or if it would cause a mess on your desk.

If you don’t want to use up a lot of space, this might be the ideal model for you to look at since it doesn’t have a base and can be placed anywhere.


  • Small in size
  • Affordable
  • Lightweight


  • No wooden base included


If you don’t have much space, this mini or small model will be perfect to fit into any tight corner.

4. GM Gmiss Desktop Drop-Shaped Weather Forecast BarometerGM Gmiss Desktop Drop-Shaped Weather Forecast Barometer

If you are looking for a bigger model, have this one on your list and compare it with others. You can find this one in small, medium, large, XL, and XXL to fit all the spaces you might have available on your desk.

This can be put in any location in your home where the sunlight isn’t direct, like your bedroom, balcony, living room, or even your office.

Ensure that you give this enough time to stabilize and get used to the current weather conditions before you expect it to provide you with anything accurate.


  • Ideal for gifting
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable


  • It takes time to stabilize


If you don’t want to purchase something too big, this will be the ideal size to fit into your home or desk easily.

5. Glasshouse Black Base Weather PredictorGlasshouse Black Base Weather Predictor

If you want something that will stand out a bit more, this model with a black base will perfectly suit your needs. It is shaped like a raindrop and would be easy to place on your desk or in other areas of your home or office due to its sturdy base.

This would range from solid ice to clear depending on the weather, so ensure that you check it often to see if there will change.

This would be great as a gift, especially for someone who loves weather or science or even loves unique home items.


  • Affordable
  • Great design
  • Lightweight


  • Very small in size


When you are looking for something different to give as a gift, this should be on your list of items to get that aren’t overly expensive.

Storm Glass Buying Guide

You should ensure that you know what you would need to look for when buying a storm glass, especially for those buying for the first time. There are a few factors that you would want to think about beforehand, such as:

  • Size – Make sure you look at the size of the storm glass you want to buy compared to your available space. It is more important to look at the base and see how wide it would be to ensure you have space. Please find out how tall the glass will be so you know you have space to stand it up.
  • Base – You should also consider whether or not the storm glass model you have would have a wooden base included. Some don’t since the bottom is flattened slightly to allow it to stand up, while others have based with a circular indent into it to allow it to stand up.
  • Stabilization – You also need to think about how long it will require to stabilize before you can look at it and see. Think about this and ensure you know how long it will take before you can rely on it to give you some idea of the weather.
  • Price – The final factor you want to think about is the price, so make sure you have a budget in mind. This will make the entire process more straightforward if you know how much you are willing to spend before you start browsing.

These are just a few factors that you should always make sure to think about and check out when you start the process of buying one.

What Is a Weather Predicting Storm Glass?

What Is a Weather Predicting Storm Glass?

These are uniquely shaped glasses made in a raindrop or teardrop shape full of different liquids that form and react with various crystal types.

The formations or the different crystallization inside the glasses would help determine what the weather is like outside.

In addition, the way that the liquid inside looks would be what you would need to see to help predict what you might be looking at.

How Does a Storm Glass Work?

The storm glass is made of water and some chemicals that would mix and create different looks that would help you to know what the weather might be like later.

This might change from model to model, but the main ones would be clear, cloudy, or even solidified, which can mean anything from clear skies to snow. Again, read the instruction manual to determine what each means based on your specific model.

Is a Storm Glass Accurate?

You might want to consider these more of a decorative element to your home rather than something that will help you predict the weather.

When looking at them, these can be around 45% accurate, which means they aren’t something you want to depend on.

If you are hoping to find out what the weather is like from these storm glasses, then you have a good chance of being wrong if you depend on them alone.

How To Read a Storm Glass?

You need to know each different look based on your model since they can change for each option. For example, if it is clear, it is supposed to be sunny; cloudy means precipitation or clouds, while small dots could mean fog or humid weather.

If the glass is cloudy with some tiny stars, then a thunderstorm should be expected, while if there are small stars on a sunny winter day, then snow would become.

Is Storm Glass Suitable for Interiors?

Is Storm Glass Suitable for Interiors?

You can use these storm glasses anywhere in your home, but the only thing is they shouldn’t be placed in the direct sun.

These can make incredible decorations you can place anywhere in your home or outdoors. However, if you want to put it on your desk or in a small area, you should ensure that the one you are looking at has a base to keep it sturdy and prevent it from being knocked over.

They will be just as effective if they are inside your home as if they were outside, so go ahead and use them as decoration pieces.

How to Make a Storm Glass?

There are plenty of ways to make your storm glass if you don’t want to buy one, and you need to have the right ingredients. Some of the ingredients that you are going to want to have ready to use include:

  • 100 to 200 ml glass container that you can seal
  • 10 gm natural camphor
  • 40 mL of ethanol
  • 33 mL distilled water
  • 5 gm ammonium chloride
  • 5 gm potassium nitrate

Ensure that these ingredients are collected and ready in one location so you can get started with making your storm glass.

These ingredients can easily be purchased at some of your local stores or even online if you don’t already have them handy. This is very easy to do, and you should make sure that you are aware of the steps, such as:

  1. Dissolve both the ammonium chloride and potassium nitrate in the distilled water
  2. Add the camphor into the ethanol so it will dissolve
  3. Add the solution with ammonium chloride and potassium nitrate into the solution of ethanol and camphor. They might need to be warmed up to allow them to mix quickly and thoroughly.
  4. Put this mixture into your sealed glass or a container with a cork, and you can seal the glass by heating it slightly so the tube starts to soften. Once the tube is softening, you should tilt it so the edges start to melt together. If you are using the cork method, then coat it with some wax or parafilm to ensure you are getting a proper seal.

The container’s liquid should be clear if everything has been mixed properly, allowing the crystals to form. However, if the ingredients you have used aren’t entirely pure, then the liquid might be a light color like amber.

This won’t affect the storm glass’s function, but it won’t work as you want it to if the entire liquid is cloudy.


  • How often are the storm glasses accurate?

If you hope to get 100% accuracy with these devices, you will be disappointed. More often than not, they have a 50/50 chance of getting the weather right, which means they shouldn’t be relied on for predicting the weather.

  • Can I make my storm glass?

If you don’t want to buy one but want to experience building one, that is possible. You need to have a container that you can seal and the ingredients that should be mixed, and then you can enjoy it.

  • How long does it need to work?

If you have just purchased the storm glass, you will want to wait a few weeks before it will stabilize. This usually happens within 1 to 2 weeks, and you can tell how easily and quickly the liquid is coming together and mixing. Make sure that you let it be and that it isn’t knocked over during this process.

However, if you make your own, it will come together quite quickly, and the ingredients will be mixed within 15 minutes. This will allow you to start using it and seeing how it works.

  • How can I reset my storm glass?

If your storm glass isn’t going back to normal or has fully solidified, you can easily reset it so that it works again. This should be done by slowly heating the liquid within the glass while tilting it in all directions. Ensure you do this carefully to avoid breaking the glass and getting the materials all over.

  • Are any of the ingredients that are within the storm glass toxic?

If you are worried because your storm glass broke, you don’t need to be since none of the ingredients are toxic. The main ingredients include water, alcohol, and camphor, so you don’t have to worry about a single thing if it leaks or breaks.


If you are hoping for something that will tell you what weather is coming, you might be disappointed.

However, these are great items and can be perfect decorations for your home office or your front room. Of course, these can be wrong, and they can be right, so don’t depend on them, but there are many great options that you would be able to think about putting in your home.

If you want to know more accurate weather predictions, better get a home weather station or weather radio.

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