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Best Alkaline Water Pitchers Of 2022

Water makes up about 70 percent of our body. The water intake should be eight glasses per day to keep us hydrated. A well-hydrated person works better as it improves their mood and energy levels.

People are now replacing their tap water with alkaline water as it gives additional features to the drinking water. It hydrates the body faster and longer.

It improves our bones, blood, and heart and increases the shelf life by shifting the body towards an active metabolism.

Alkaline water pitchers have made it easy to access mineralized water in every house. These pitchers are very easy to use and provide safe and clean water with every refill. They add minerals to the water, improve the taste, and remove any bad odor.

Best Alkaline Water Pitchers 

1.   Best Alkaline Water Pitcher: Invigorated Water pH Vitality Pitcher

Best Alkaline Water Pitcher: Invigorated Water pH Vitality Pitcher

Our top pick for today in alkaline water pitcher is the pH vitality, stainless steel pitcher. This pitcher comes with premium quality steel in beautiful gold. The sleek design makes it easy to use and store water.

The body and color of the pitcher make it suitable for every occasion. Fill the pitcher with tap water and instantly enjoy pure, tasty water.

The alkaline water pitcher comes with a special filter pouch. The filter is of top-notch quality. It cleans the water and lets calcium and magnesium through for good immunity.

The filtration system helps soften the water and increases the pH, making it more alkaline. The result comes as pure, tasty, odorless water with unlimited health benefits.

These pitchers filter up to 1.9 liters of water. This makes it ideal for homes and offices.

The pouch comes with the pitcher and can filter up to 400 liters of water throughout its lifetime. This feature makes it cost-friendly as the maintenance cost is not much more than the convenient water filters.

The stainless steel pitcher has high quality and safety certifications. This makes it an extremely wise choice for the family. It also comes with a money-back guarantee.

Try our stainless alkaline water pitchers as they are affordable yet efficient water filtration systems. You can save your money and the planet by eliminating packaged water bottles.

Make coffee, tea, juices, or cook food with our alkaline water pitcher and enjoy a healthy and tasty lifestyle together.


  • Effortless to use.
  • Safety certifications
  • The stainless steel makes it undamageable.
  • The beautiful design makes your dinner table look beautiful.


  • The steel can cause rusting on the pitcher.
  • The pitcher needs to be refilled every few hours.

2.   Runner-Up: Invigorated Water pH Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher

Invigorated Water pH Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher

Our next top Alkaline water pitcher consists of a pH restored alkaline water filter pitcher. If you want an easy, affordable way to get water that is alkaline and full of minerals, this pitcher is for you.

With a beautiful glass body and a wooden lid, it will make a fantastic addition to your home. It works efficiently and provides you with tasty drinking water full of minerals.

The glass filter is made from borosilicate glass, which comes with a bamboo lid. The amazing food-grade glass and wood usage make it environment-friendly.

It is convenient and very easy to use. Just fill the pitcher with tap water and let the filter inside do wonders.

The PH001 filter removes toxins and other heavy metals such as zinc, arsenic, or chemicals like chlorine. They remove any sand or silt from the tap water, making it healthy to drink.

The addition of healthy minerals such as selenium and calcium into the water makes it tastier to drink. The mineralization of water and the pH change helps detoxify the body.

This restores the body’s minerals leading to a smooth metabolism and gradual weight loss.

The most important feature of this pitcher is that it increases the pH of the water, which as a result, decreases the acidity in our body. This reduces any inflammation caused in the stomach or any body part.

The filter’s capacity is huge, as one PH001 filter can give you about 360 liters of water. The PH002 is an added filter. It can be bought separately as it removes even the most minor impurities from the water.

Get your hand on this elegant water pitcher, which is cost-friendly and gives better results in terms of healthy water. This glass pitcher is for those who enjoy and appreciate good health but do not compromise on quality.


  • Removes toxins from water.
  • The glass structure and bamboo lid are environmentally friendly.
  • Clean and healthy water.
  • Large capacity.


  • Mold formation on the bamboo lid.
  • Sometimes the glass handle of the pitcher cracks due to the heavy load of the water.

3.   Great Choice: Ehm Ultra-Premium Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher

Ehm Ultra-Premium Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher

EHM alkaline water pitchers are a great option to explore as the company uses only the finest and most premium quality materials.

Professional and expert manufacturing processes ensure that these water filters do not have faults and do their jobs well.

The water tanks that come with this water pitcher have a 3.8-liter capacity and a filtration capacity of 2 liters. This tank has been specifically designed to fit comfortably into different refrigerators.

This alkaline water pitcher weighs 2.27 pounds and is a sturdy and reliable product in many ways. The strong water ionizer technology in the pitcher uses micro-clustering.

By reducing water molecule size, this pitcher’s ionizer can easily create absorbable alkaline water that meets your needs and alter by the filter.

Once the water passes through the filter and you consume it, you will hydrate faster with premium alkaline water.

Alkaline water contains free radicals and toxins. Such water serves as a potent antioxidant that elevates your energy level and boosts immunity.

The 6-stage filter in this alkaline filter removes chlorine, heavy metals, and other materials that are not safe or suitable for consumption.

This filter automatically sets the water to an ideal pH of basic value. It also adds minerals that make water ideal for drinking. Such as calcium, magnesium, and potassium, which are impressive.

Antioxidants also add to the water, and a low negative ORP is -100 to 200 mv.


  • Strong water ionizer technology.
  • Restore pH value.
  • Suitable size to store.
  • Effortless to set up with clear instructions.


  • The lid comes off easily.

4.   Best Budget Option: Invigorated Water pH Restore Alkaline Water Pitcher

Invigorated Water pH Restore Alkaline Water Pitcher

This filter improves and increases hydration, energy levels, and mental clarity. It also enhances the immunity of the drinker and slows down the aging process, and aids in significant weight loss.

It comes with fluoride and chlorine, even if marketed as healthy and clean drinking water. That is where alkaline, cleansing filters come in and have great utility.

When water is polluted and contains chemicals, it smells and tastes unpleasant. While you can choose mineral water bottles that have clean water.

The one-time use of plastic bottles is not sustainable for the environment as you use plastic bottles once and then throw them away. This alkaline restore filter takes water directly from your faucet and naturally filters it.

Once the water is clean, it does not smell bad and has a high pH which is most suitable for water.

Once the water passes through this filter, it is fresh, clean, and smells and takes good! Each PH0001 filter lasts through 96 gallons of water.

This is equivalent to the water you consume in 720 single-use mineral water bottles! That difference is astounding.

This pH restores filter is one of the best-selling items that refreshing water has as part of its product line. They serve alkaline water filters to over 150,000 happy and healthy customers worldwide.


  • No bad smell after filtration.
  • Large capacity.
  • No frequent filter replacement.


  • Lid design could be better

5.   Pitcher of Life Alkaline Water Glass Pitcher

Pitcher of Life Alkaline Water Glass Pitcher

This alkaline filter creates 1500 cups of freshwater per the applied alkaline filter. Alkaline minerals add to the water through the remineralization process to balance the water perfectly. It adds minerals such as calcium and selenium.

At the same time, it filters out heavy metals, fluoride, and chloramine. After filtration, the water tastes and smells great as this alkaline filter removes any bad odor in the water during the filtering process.

The glass with which this alkaline filter has been made is of premium quality. The bamboo wood lid with which it has been formulated is of much superior quality to its predecessors in previous filter models.

The stainless steel covering the underside of the filter is also of premium quality so that the entire filtration process remains sanitary.

This filter contains a larger A-4 series filter for long-lasting alkaline water. The glass handle and filter with a bamboo base are gravity-fed, non-electric water purifiers.

This makes alkaline, mineral-rich water with antioxidants the most excellent possible option for drinking. This pH restore is BPA-free, and WQA and SGS certified.

Regarding pH restore alkaline filter technology and why it is needed for suitable drinking water, we should mention that scientists have found that 3 to 6 months after drinking it.

People with high blood pressure, high blood sugar, and high blood lipids have shown considerable improvements in their results with lower measures in each factor.

Therefore, if alkaline water can benefit your health and rid you of serious diseases and health risks, it is an option to explore and incorporate into your lifestyle.


  • Safety certification.
  • Remineralization process to balance water pH level.
  • Unique bamboo lid.
  • Pleasant water taste after filtration.


  • Unfiltered water leaks out when pouring.

6.   Epic Nano Water Filter Pitcher

Epic Nano Water Filter Pitcher

The epic nano filter removes bacteria and viruses and produces cleaner, healthier drinking water.

This water filter effectively removes 99.9% of freshwater contaminants, which can be extremely harmful to your health.

It can clean up to 1500 gallons of water. Using this filter reduces 1000+ plastic bottles, which are 100% recyclable. The reduction in pollution and environmental wastage is monumental.

This epic nano filter is reusable by design and removes almost 100% of the contaminants in unfiltered water. Contaminants include bacteria, cryptosporidium, and viruses. It is the most effective and efficient choice of water purification option.

All the used filters are replaceable and are tested with the highest possible industry standards. For contaminant reduction, these filters pass the NSF/ANSI Standards 42, 53, 401, P473, and P231.

This filter is also a great choice because it is economical and easy for your pocket. The nano pitcher contains 1 nano filter that comes with the box with an average life of 3-4 months.

If your tap water is heavily contaminated, the filter automatically works harder to keep your water clean, which eventually decreases the filter’s life.

The bottom reservoir of the pitcher holds about half a gallon of unfiltered water at all times. Since the filter works for up to 150 gallons, you can determine how long it will last based on your usage and lifestyle choices.


  • Leaves beneficial electrolytes in the water.
  • Filter meets NSF/ANSI Standards.
  • Removes 99.9% contaminants.
  • 100% BPA-free.


  • Not suitable to filter saltwater.

Alkaline Water Pitchers Buying Guide

What Is an Alkaline Water Pitcher?

Alkaline water is beneficial for health and good in taste also. People who want to enjoy clean alkaline water in their homes can opt for Alkaline water pitchers.

These pitchers add minerals to your tap water. Some pitchers have an added feature that removes contaminants from the tap water, making it healthy and tasty to drink.

What Are the Benefits of Using Alkaline Water Filters?

The water from alkaline water filters is very beneficial for us. Some significant benefits are listed below.

Healthy Drinking Water

The alkaline water is free from bad taste and odor. The water-rich in minerals is healthy, tasty, and impacts our health.

Ease Of Use

The alkaline water filters are straightforward to use. Just fill the pitcher with tap water and leave for fifteen minutes. You now have water that is full of minerals and health.


The portability factor in pitchers makes them a great asset in the household. They can be easily carried around the house, kept in the fridge, and even taken on trips. You can access clean, pure, and tasty water everywhere with alkaline pitchers.


They are very cheap than your typical water filter systems. They don’t need maintenance every few days, so the overall cost of pitchers is less.

A Great Alternative To Bottled Water

A filter or bottled water takes up a lot of space and is very difficult to maintain. A water pitcher is a good alternative in comparison to bottled water.

They don’t need a lot of space and are very light in weight. You don’t need any electricity or extra storage for alkaline water filter pitchers.

How Do Alkaline Water Filter Pitchers Work?

The Alkaline water pitchers work in two small and easy steps. The first step is filling the pitcher with tap water. The present filter inside will remove any toxins or chemicals in the tap water.

The next step consists of the mineralization of the water. The added minerals increase the pH of the water up to 10, making it beneficial for the body. It also removes any bad odor and makes it very tasty to drink.

Are There Any Health Benefits of Drinking Alkaline Water?

Many types of research conducted state that alkaline water is very beneficial for your health. Some of the benefits you get from drinking this water are stated below.

Improves Bone Health

The alkaline water consumption helps in bone resorption. In a bone resorption process, old cells in a bone are broken down and replaced with a new ones.

The alkaline waterless bone resorption yields better bone strength. It makes your bones strong by lowering bone resorption and increasing mineral density.

Soothes Acid Reflux

Acid reflux is when the food content in the stomach splashes back into the food pipe. It causes burning sensations around the esophagus.

Pepsin is an enzyme present in the body that helps break down food protein and is the main cause of acid reflux. The alkaline pH helps lower the acidic pH to basic, resulting in acid reflux by drinking alkaline water.

Reduces Cholesterol, High Blood Pressure, And Sugar

The alkaline water, if drunk regularly, can decrease hypertension, diabetes, and cholesterol in adults. Water with a higher pH reduces blood viscosity (stickiness and thickness), leading to less strain on the heart and a healthier lifestyle.

Increase Longevity

The regular consumption of alkaline water show signs of greater longevity. The drinker tends to be ageless, and their organs perform better than those who drink normal water.

Research is still going on to develop the benefits of humans further drinking alkaline water.

What To Look for Before Buying an Alkaline Water Pitcher?

What To Look for Before Buying an Alkaline Water Pitcher?

Filter Life

The filter life that different alkaline water filters depend mostly on the number of gallons by each filter. The machine’s water filter size also determines the usage of the filter.

Larger alkaline water filters tend to last longer and can clean more gallons of water. A healthy lifespan for an alkaline water filter is about six to eight months.

But again, the number of gallons that each water filter produces when it remains useful is of the utmost importance.

pH Capability

pH levels are extremely necessary for water as these levels determine how acidic or alkaline drinking water is. The range is from 0 to 14, with the value of 7 being neutral.

When we drink water, the acidity or alkaline water directly affects our bodies’ pH levels, so this value in water needs to be suitable and healthy.

pH compatibility in water filters is essential and occurs when reverse osmosis occurs. Reverse osmosis is when toxins and unhealthy chemicals remove from the water.

A healthy range of 5-7 in terms of pH, which the filter can achieve, means that the water and the filter’s work earn pH compatibility.

Jug Material

The jug material used to contain the body of water that the filter cleans is an essential component of any alkaline water filter. Plastic jug material is suitable for these filters as this material deem safe to use with foods and liquids.

There are now strict requirements enforced by healthcare regulatory bodies and corporate companies responsible for making safe and healthy products for consumers.

This is because poor quality materials and plastics have been used in the past, releasing toxins over time and detrimental to an individual’s health.

Filtration mechanism

An effective filtration method thoroughly removes toxins, chemicals, and heavy metals which tap water may contain. Next, it increases the pH levels in water to an acceptable range. Finally, pollutants such as fluoride and chlorine need to remove entirely.

The best filtration methods on the market offered by the alkaline water filters listed above also add minerals such as calcium and magnesium to the water, which help boost immunity, reduce inflammation and redness and heal injuries faster.

A good filtration mechanism brings water to the quality where the body can better absorb it for increased hydration.

Contaminant Removal Capability

The best alkaline water filters are centered around removing contaminated materials and substances that enter the water when it passes through taps. This contamination by heavy metals in water is important to remove.

Good quality water filters that have been designed to remove toxins can effectively remove heavy metals such as zinc, lead, copper, and arsenic.

It is also important for a water filter to have enough contaminant removal capability to remove chemicals often found in tap water, such as chlorine and fluoride, and chloramine.

Ease of Cleaning

When it comes to water filters, you must pay attention to the ease of cleaning out these filters.

Cleaning a water filter is not always easy and can sometimes be a highly complex process due to the technicality involved in washing a machine.

Cleaning a water filter thoroughly also depends mainly on the water filter present.

While some synthetic and fiber filters can clean well to restore filtration speed and efficiency, other water filters, such as those made mainly of water, are less easy to clean.

It is also important to weigh whether or not the entire cleaning process and labor it requires is worth the time it takes. Replacements and new filters will cost you approximately $40, which is a less painstaking option if you have the spare cash.

It is also important to realize that no matter how well you clean your water filter, you will not be able to remove all the contaminants the filter has cleaned out over the past month or so.

Hence, replacing your old filter with a new one eventually becomes necessary. And although bleach is an excellent option for disinfecting filters, there is no guarantee that the bacteria, mold, and other harmful toxic chemicals will not build up inside your filter without noticing.

Hence, it is imperative to ensure that your alkaline water filter’s filtration mechanism is up to the standards that allow it to be comparable to a brand-new cartridge.


How much alkaline water can I drink a day?

You should consume 8-12 glasses of premium quality alkaline water every day. This allows your body to experience the optimum benefits that your health can undergo due to making the switch.

These include immunity, greater hydration, and elevated energy levels, among many others.

Does alkaline water make you poop more?

There is a link between lower blood pressure levels, lower insulin resistance resulting from that, and improved metabolic rates and speeds.

What happens if you drink alkaline water every day?

Drinking alkaline water every day and sustaining the habit can have substantial health benefits for your body.

When your body’s acidity/alkaline level reaches optimum levels due to ingesting alkaline water, your body starts to produce more gastric juices and more digestive enzymes.

It can reduce blood pressure and inflammation, soothe your acid reflux issues, and enhance your hydration levels.

Alkaline water can also reduce and slow down aging, boost one’s immunity and energy levels and cause an individual to lead a happier, longer, and healthier life due to these health benefits.

Is an alkaline water filter healthy?

Since alkaline water filters remove contaminants, add minerals, and balance water pH levels to bring them to suitable conditions, they are very healthy and eventually positively impact one’s body.

Since the materials off which alkaline water filters are usually BPA-free, biodegradable, and sustainable to the environment, there is nothing particularly unhealthy about alkaline water filters.

However, whether they are healthy is debatable, but the water they prime and prepare for consumption is very healthy!

As long as the filtration mechanism is sturdy and practical and the material and overall manufacturing of the alkaline water filter is a process that undergoes quality control and careful observation, alkaline water filters are an excellent option.

This recent shift towards alkaline water means an entirely new market for products that filter and clean water and improve its composition and quality.

This means that water is now in an optimum state of acidity or degree of being alkaline and can yield great health benefits when you consume it.


Alkaline water filters are becoming very popular in every household. They provide water with increased pH, which is healthy for people consuming it. The research work done on alkaline water has shown great potential regarding alkaline water.

The alkaline water boosts your immune system, increases your shelf life, makes your heart healthier, and pushes you towards a better lifestyle. This all can now be achieved easily by using alkaline pitchers.

These pitchers offer so much but at a less price. To give unlimited health benefits to your family, invest in a good alkaline pitcher and enjoy a blissful life.

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