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Write For Us, Guest posts

Why write for us?

This is an excellent chance. You should write for us if you need to:

  • Get your business seen by a wide audience.
  • Build up your portfolio.
  • Grow some writing skill.

We currently have more than a 3000 Twitter followers and large email subscriber list that we send our content out to. Our aim is to make your work out in front of as many viewers as possible. WE WON’T ADD BIO TO THE POSTS. Also, we will hold the copyright of published posts.

What we expect from a Contributor article.

Engaging and friendly articles, expert advice, guides, examples, How-to articles.

What more should you keep in mind?

All work provided to our website will be the property of Indoorbreathing.com. So be informed that all content rights will belong to us. However, you can point potential clients to the content so everybody can see your work. We will typically present your piece our own title and editing so that it fits the Indoorbreathing style. We’ll also attach our own photos to the post.

How much do you charge per post?

Depends on the post word count and backlinks you want. PM us about prices through the contact form below.

DOs and DON’Ts.


  • Make a 1,500-word minimum article. The article must be ORIGINAL. Posts must not have been posted anywhere else. This involves your own blog.
  • Write an informative, cultural, actual, positive, yet easy to read an article in a conversational mode, like telling to your friends.
  • Please add at least one image. Your image should be large enough (more than 600×600 px), related to the article, and not taken from other websites.
  • Make a title that takes the reader’s attention.
  • Keep your introduction short, optionally less than 100 words. Your introduction should attract readers to stay reading your article.
  • Source all applications and reports. If you quote a study, fact, statistic, make sure to link to the primary source.
  • You can place no more than three links to your own website/profile page in the post. It’d be helpful if you link to articles on IndoorBreathing too!


  • Link to a specific product. All links must lead to posts or homepages.
  • Write a post clearly to promote a business, brand, or product.
  • Offer an article reproduced by content farms just to boost SEO.

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