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Why You Need a Bath & Shower Filter?

Showering and bathing is regular activity for everyone, and it must be free of hassle and damage. Most people start their days by taking a hot shower to refresh themselves. However, it is important to ensure that the water you use is clean and chemical-free. To make this possible, you should learn about shower filters that let you enjoy a healthy cleaning experience.

What is a shower filter?

A shower filter is a system installed in the shower to assure that any water flowing through it acquires sufficient remedy before reaching the skin. It is essential to use this tool as the body absorbs chemicals, water, and other impurities while we shower due to the pore-opening effect of steam and warm water. Some chemicals, such as chlorine, in the shower water, can aggravate the skin and damage the hair. When these potentially dangerous chemicals gently bleed through the body’s largest organ every day, it is the thing that makes a person worry.

How do shower filters work?

Shower filters are available in different styles and sizes that work directly onto your showerhead.

Once you install a shower filter, you will feel that your skin is not so dry, your hair feels more pristine and full of bounce, and there is minor scale buildup around your tub and tap.

Although adding a shower water filter can deliver instant comfort from hard water and other issues associated with your water supply, it is a relatively temporary solution. Most shower water filters have a cartridge that needs to be replaced regularly. Relying on its use, you generally need to replace your filter or cartridge every six months of everyday use.

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Reasons Why You Need a Shower Filter

A shower filter is important for healthy living. Unfiltered shower water is polluted with disease-causing bacteria, hard minerals, harmful chemicals, and other pollutants that are harmful to your health and damage your hair and skin.

Limit Bacteria Growth

Your showerhead delivers the perfect setting for the development of toxic bacteria. There might be millions of harmful bacteria living in your shower head at this moment. The running shower water spreads these microbes into the air when you turn the tap handle. Some of them get inside your respiratory

tract when you inhale, which further causes several infections.

The most common bacteria in your showerheads are Legionella spp and Mycobacterium Avium Complex. Once you inhale these bacteria, you can get into diseases such as Pontiac fever, pneumonia, Crohn’s disease, gastrointestinal infection,

bronchitis, skin and soft tissue infection, and lung cancer. To evade harmful showers, you need to inaugurate a shower head filter to underrate the development of microbes inside your shower head.

Healthier Skin and hair

The sebaceous glands in your skin make a waxy and oily essence called sebum. Sebum creates a defensive layer over your skin, which lubricates your skin, protects it from several outer substances, and prevents moisture loss. A shower filter helps repair your skin’s protecting barrier, as it lowers the quantity of chlorine in your shower water. A shower water filter produces water that cleanses your skin without restraining its natural oils, resulting in moistened, clean, silky, soft skin.

The mixture of chlorine and strong alkaline minerals in your shower water ruin your hair. Your unfiltered alkaline shower water opens the pores of your hair, weakens your hair fiber, and promotes moisture loss. Additionally, the presence of

chlorine in your shower water dispossesses away your hair’s natural protective oils, which then results in curly, dry, and rough hair.

Benefits for Health

Chlorine is a chemical disinfectant mixed with local water to kill harmful microbes to make the water safe for human drinking. Chlorine reacts with the raw organic matter present in the water, producing chlorine byproducts, such as trihalomethanes. Trihalomethanes are a set of toxic chemicals that ruin your health and cause painful and deadly diseases.

Trihalomethanes cause infertility and multiple types of cancer. When you take a shower, the warmth opens the pores of your skin and enables the consumption of trihalomethanes from your shower water. Additionally, your hot shower water evaporates these chemicals into the air, making you inhale these toxic materials and infect your respiratory system.

Save Money

A shower filter is an inexpensive beauty-enhancing tool that helps you save money as it decreases the severe chemicals and minerals in your shower water that fade your hair color. A shower filter lowers hair damage and rejuvenates your skin and hair’s natural protective oils. In this way, you can save your money on regular hair coloring and costly personal care products.

Reduce Your Exposure to Chlorine

The main reason people use shower water filters is to clear out chlorine. Chlorine is added to the drinking water to disinfect it, and it is victorious in its part. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say that the amount is small; therefore, it is safe for drinking.

However, water falls over our bodies when we shower and enter into all of our pores. This is a different type of consumption, and its level of safety is uncertain.

Avoid Eczema and Rosacea Flareups

Skin and scalp irritation starts with skin rash, which results in related disorders such as dandruff, eczema, and dermatitis. To reduce skin irritation and evade enraging your skin and scalp, you need to repair your skin’s natural defensive barrier to stimulate its defenses.

A study has shown that children experience a higher risk of childhood asthma if they have spent a lot of time around chlorinated swimming pools. This is probably because chlorine emits a chemical called trichloramine. If this is present in a pool setting, it is also present in your home if you are not using a shower water filter.

These chemicals can harm people with current asthma as well.

Similarly, a chemical called dichlorophenol is also added to our tap water, and some studies indicate that this chemical may cause food allergies.

Is A Shower Head Water Filter Necessary?

When you are ready to shower, the warm water and steam make your skin more sensitive. Your skin is much more porous in a warm, wet environment. Hence, this also means your skin is much more inclined to absorb impurities and chemicals while you shower. Chlorine has a lower molecular weight and can easily pass through the skin and bloodstream while bathing. Likewise, it is also removed as a gas that can be inhaled. Taking a 10-minute shower in chlorinated water exposes you to more chlorine than drinking 10 glasses of chlorinated water.

How to pick a shower filter? Which Shower Filter is the best?

While buying a shower filter, you need to keep in mind that you need a replacement filter, which is an extra cost. So you need to make the decision very carefully.

Berkey is an excellent choice as it is a countertop water filter. The expensive and often sold-out Big Berkey has a reliable fan base.


  • What happens when you don’t change your shower filter?

In general, not changing your water filter when it is time means that your water filter will stop working at optimum capacity and eventually stop doing its job altogether.  In other words, it will stop your water treatment system from doing what it is designed to do.

  • How often should you change your shower filter?

It depends! Some shower filters last around 3 months, while others can last up to 12 months. But if you’re looking for a definitive answer like all shower filters last 6 months, then you’re out of luck. It’s like asking how long does it take to eat a sandwich? It’s impossible to answer the question correctly because there isn’t only one type of shower filter. There are hundreds of different shower filters available in the market, and in those several shower filters, there are so many kinds of filter mediums. Moreover, there can be hundreds of different combinations of filter mediums inside shower filter cartridges within those types of filter mediums, which all affect how long a shower filter will last.

  • Do shower filters work?

The short answer to this question is yes. Certain shower filters successfully remove chlorine from water, the most influential being KDF shower filters. KDF filters use a KDF (Kinetic Degradation Fluxion) process to filter the chlorine and other impurities out of water.

  • Do I need a shower filter if I have a water softener?

Through various processes, water softeners either remove those hardness ions or change the way they interact with surfaces. So, a water softener is a type of water filter, but not all water filters are water softeners. A water softener is simply a hard water filter.


A shower filter is necessary for every home. The information mentioned above will help me know everything about this essential tool. If you want healthy skin and body, you must install a shower filter at your home.

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