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TBI Pro Top-Fill 6L Cool Mist Large Humidifier for Home Review

Dryness in the air is very much harmful to people living within as this creates several breathing problems, skin issues, sleeping trouble, irritation, and bleeding of the nose in worse cases. A certain level of humidity is essential in the indoor air as this supports pleasantness in the environment and even is much soothing. The TBI Pro Top Fill 6L Cool Mist Large Humidifier for home is a humidifier’s convenient model that maintain the relative humidity in the atmosphere and reduce several troubles.TBI Pro Upgraded 2020 Top-Fill 6L Cool Mist Large Humidifier for Home

A healthy level of moisture in the air growth of bacteria and germs falls drastically, which assures healthy air, and at the same time, humidity reduces dryness. The sleek design and the sophisticated look, and the humidifier’s amazing functioning make it much special and unique. It is easy to refill and comes with a remote control along with 3 different operating levels makes the humidifier exceptionally worthy for uniform humidification indoors.


  • Enhanced water filtration.
  • Uniformly humidifies the room.
  • Suitable for large rooms.


  • The tank is 6L, which turns it tough to move after filling.

Design, size

With a modern design and catchy look, the TBI Pro Upgraded 2020 Top Fill 6L Cool MistLarge Humidifier is perfect for larger rooms. This device definitely stands as a complement to the room as the stylish body goes with any décor. The efficient humidifier comes with dimensions of 15.4 x 8.7 x 8.6 inches and weighs around 3.95 pounds.

With a huge tank with a room of 6L water, this humidifier is an appropriate choice for people living in larger rooms. There is a water indicator that helps in easy refilling with the huge tank. There is less need for filling water as one full tank humidifies air for 2 days. Also, the humidifier is designed to consume low power consumption. It even humidifies a room up to 720 sq. Ft. The smart sensor and LED display make it much efficient, and with simple operations, this is very easy to use. The humidifier with high performance assures people in the room to inhale fresh and pure air free of impurities.

Performance. (How does it work?)

TBI Pro Upgraded 2020 Top-Fill 6L Cool Mist Large Humidifier for Home

Filling water in the tank is easy as the top opening is perfect for filling without spilling the water. The humidifier is highly capable of humidifying the larger room and even shows the room’s humidity and mist. It is convenient to use the remote control and the temperature indicator and sleep mode indicator strands as the special features’ humidifier. Fill the tank and set the mode, which helps maintain the perfect humidity level in the room, and one can configure the humidifier to shut off after a time period. The medical stone filter assures the air is free of all negative particles and humidifies finely. Also, complete filtration makes the air healthy, and people living within the home frare ee from allergies and other issues caused due to the dryness in the air dryness. Water filtration assures that the air is free of all impurities and maintains a better humidity level that cools indoors.

Main Features

The TBI ProUpgraded 2021 Top Fill 6LCool MistLarge Humidifier is perfect for refreshing the room’s air, and it stands as a guard promising a healthy atmosphere in the home with amazing features.

  • Designed for larger rooms: The humidifier is designed to maintain humidity in the larger room and reduce all indoors’ discomfort due to dryness. It makes sure that the room’s humidity is around 43%, as it solves all problems related to the air quality.
  • Huge tank: The water tank is around 6L and almost requires 1.59 gallons of water. This can be used for 2 days, and the humidifiers maintain the perfect mist level in the home. Filling and simple as the opening is large enough to refill without spilling the water.
  • Medical stone filter: The purification of the filter is perfect. The humidifier comes with a medical filter that assures driving away all the germs and bacteria that are the reason behind allergies. The humidifier emits a healthy and cool mist that is safe for a home with babies.
  • Amazing humidification: There is a nozzle that rotates in 360 degrees, and due to this, the room gains overall humidification. The amazing design and the device’s functioning ensure the air is moisturized properly and reduces the increase of germs and bacteria.
  • Healthy sleep: The device assures healthy sleep as it is calm and ensures the proper level of humidity in the air. With multipurpose monitoring and LED display, working with the amazing humidifier is not much tough. Users can enjoy a pleasant sleep as the humidifier provides proper humidification to the complete room.

Noise level

TBI Pro Upgraded 2020 Top-Fill 6L Cool Mist Large Humidifier for Home

The TBI Pro Upgraded 2021 Top Fill 6L Cool Mist Large Humidifier is perfect for restoring and maintaining humidity in larger rooms. The device works with an ultra-quiet feature to maintain a healthy humidity level, which assures complete rest. Enjoy an undisturbed sleep with a moisturized environment indoors as the humidifier makes noise less than 30 dB in sleep mode. The super-low noise creates a silent ambiance, which boosts the quality of the sleep.

Maintenance and Upkeep

Not just filling but maintaining and cleaning the tank is extremely simple, and users can complete it without any fuss. The humidifier is perfect for night time, and one can feel the change within no time of installation as the air turns perfectly moisturized.

Final Thoughts

Complications like allergies, insomnia, breathing issues, and skin-related troubles are caused due to the dryness in the air dryness. Maintaining humidity in the home is easy, with a humidifier that is designed with exceptional features. The TBI Pro Upgraded 2021 Top Fill 6LCool Mist Large Humidifier for home delivers high performance and works for 2 days nonstop. With remote control and sensitive buttons, it operates for the comfort of the users. The device is extremely quiet and assures a good night’s sleep in the air that is not dry, and promises a peaceful environment.

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