Rinkmo Portable Mini Dehumidifier Review

If you are searching for a small machine that you can move around easily, then the Rinkmo portable mini dehumidifier is going to be ideal. It is small enough that it can collect plenty of moisture from the air while still being able to handle a decent size room. Here is everything that we thought about and saw when we were looking at this machine, so here is everything to know about our review.

ProsRinkmo Portable Mini Dehumidifier Review

The first thing that you should think about is the advantages of the Rinkmo portable mini dehumidifier so you can make the right choice. Some of the main ones include:

  • 20-ounce water tank
  • 12-month warranty
  • 6 pounds
  • Automatic defrosting setting
  • 5° to 35°C temperature range
  • Covers 1900 square foot room
  • Manual and automatic draining settings
  • 24-hour timer
  • Simple to operate and set the humidity levels
  • Automatic shut off
  • The setting of fan speed
  • Stylish and modern design


  • The tank is located on the back so you can’t see the water level easily
  • Slightly more expensive than other options


You always need to make sure that you are checking out the performance of each and every machine when you are comparing them. It is critical that you are looking at how much energy it uses along with how much noise it makes and much more. Here is everything you need to know about the performance, such as:

  • Energy Efficiency – This one is very efficient when it comes to energy usage since it is a mini machine. It doesn’t use as much energy as other options would and it also has an automatic shut off feature if the tank is getting close to full or if the desired humidity level is reached.
  • Noise level – If you want something that you can use in your bedroom or even the office, then the Rinkmo portable mini dehumidifier is perfect. It is so quiet you would forget that it is even there and you can use it while you are sleeping or even keep in your children’s room easily. There are plenty of other models that would make more noise than this one, so go ahead and leave this in any bedroom of your family.

Rinkmo Portable Mini Dehumidifier Review

  • Moisture Removal – This machine has a tank size of 20 ounces and it can handle a room of around 1900 square feet. This is perfect for a small home or even for your apartment without worrying about the amount of water it would collect.

You should always think about these things, so go ahead and make sure that you are considering these if you want a machine that is small, yet powerful and quiet.

Key Features and Functionality

Another thing that you need to consider with any of the machines you are looking at, including the Rinkmo portable mini dehumidifier, is what features it has. Knowing the features is extremely critical since you would need to look at these to compare it to the other machines that you are currently looking at. This can help you to make the decision about which one is right and what features you are going to need and which ones you can live without.

Some of the main features that are available on the Rinkmo portable mini dehumidifier includes:

  • Automatic off – If the water tank is full and you can’t empty it or if you aren’t home, then you don’t need to worry about anything. It will turn the machine off when the tank is full so the water doesn’t overflow, which is something that most machines have.
  • Humidity settings – Another great feature that you can enjoy is that you can set the humidity in the room. This means that you can decide just how much moisture you want it to suck out of the air and it will do that. It will automatically shut off when it has reached the desired temperature and turn back on when it increases.
  • Lightweight – This machine is also extremely light in terms of weight, which means that you can move it around your home. This is important if you are going to be using it in different rooms and if you want to store it when you aren’t using it.
  • Easy to use – The controls on the Rinkmo portable mini dehumidifier are very simple to use and you can easily set the various settings. The control panel is also simple when it comes to reading it so you don’t have to figure out anything complicated.
  • Stylish – It is also extremely stylish in terms of how the machine is designed, which means it can fit into any room without looking odd. This is important, especially if you are going to put it in infrequently used rooms or even in your office.
  • Small – It is also very small, which means that if you have a smaller space you don’t need to worry about it taking up much space. You can keep it on a table, shelf or even put it in the corner to keep it working and sucking water out of the air.
  • Visible readings – Another thing to know about this machine is that there is going to be a visible warning when the tank is nearly full. This will help you to watch and know when you are going to need to empty it since the tank is on the backside, which isn’t going to be the easiest to see.

It is so important that you are thinking about the features of each machine when you are looking at them. This can help you to decide which machine will be ideal for your space and if you have been searching for something that is compact, affordable and that will help with the humidity, then the  Rinkmo portable mini dehumidifier is perfect for your needs.

Ease of Use, Maintenance, And Upkeep

Rinkmo Portable Mini Dehumidifier Review

This machine is extremely simple to use and you can adjust the temperature and the humidity level that you want. The control panel is on the top and it is very easy to use and change the settings that you require. It also doesn’t require a lot of maintenance since you would only need to take the filter out every 2 weeks or even a month. You can either use a vacuum cleaner to get out the dust or even rinse it with some warm water to achieve the same effect.

Final Thoughts

The Rinkmo portable mini dehumidifier is a good machine and it is ideal for someone who has a small space that they are working with. It is also extremely simple to use and operate and you can also shift it from one location to another if you need to. Also, it is very quiet so you can use it any small space without it being overly loud and it will notify you or automatically shut off when the tank is nearly full. We would definitely recommend this to everyone and it is a machine that is worth the money you are spending on it.

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