Keystone KSTAD70B 70 Pint Dehumidifier Review

We all know that high humidity levels can make our homes and even offices uncomfortable and less attractive. One way to avoid this from happening is by installing a reliable dehumidifier in your space like Keystone70B 70-Pint dehumidifier.

Wondering what this dehumidifier has to offer? If that’s the case then read on.

Quick Review Summary

The Keystone KSTAD70B dehumidifier can get rid of 70 pints of humidity in the air. It can also dehumidify up to 4500ft2 which is more compared to other 70-pint dehumidifiers. This dehumidifier, on the other hand, can be used in homes, garages, workshops, and basements.

Though its water reservoir is small, it allows continuous water drainage. Meaning to say, you can skip discharging the container altogether. In fact, you can connect a garden hose into the drain sprout.

The Keystone KSTAD70B also comes with a 2-speed fan. There is a Clean Filter alert as well, thus you will be able to preserve the quality of the air in your room.

Additionally, it has an automatic restart function that will turn on the dehumidifier after a power outage. The good thing about this model is that it can remember the programmed level of the humidistat thus you don’t need to adjust the control settings again once the power comes back.Keystone KSTAD70B High Efficiency 70-Pint Dehumidifier with Electronic Controls


  • Energy efficient
  • Portable
  • Versatile
  • Easy to use
  • It only requires minimum maintenance
  • It comes with an LCD display that is simple and easy to use.
  • The moisture removal rate is above average
  • It has a defrost mode
  • It’s equipped with casters for easy movement
  • Operates quietly
  • It can dehumidify a space up to 4500ft2


  • The LED display has a low quality
  • You need to install a separate adapter to use the gravity drainage
  • It doesn’t have a pump
  • The size of its water bucket is not as much its capacity


  • Energy Efficiency

The Keystone KSTAD70B is one of the most energy-efficient 70-pint dehumidifiers in the market today making it ideal for basements.

Despite the fact, that this product has a rating of 720W the truth is it will only draw 590-watt. However, in places or situations that have severe humidity problems, this will operate at high power. But if you utilize it for mild jobs, then the Keystone KSTAD70B can prove to a great choice when it comes to energy efficiency.

  • Noise Level

Aside from being energy-efficient, the Keystone KSTAD70B is also known as one of the quietest 70-pint dehumidifiers today. As a matter of fact, this dehumidifier has a maxim noise level of 56 decibels.

  • Moisture Removal

The Keystone KSTAD70B has a good moisture removal rate. Actually, it can get rid of 70 pints of moisture from your air within a single day as it specially designed to eliminate excess moisture.

Nevertheless, this dehumidifier will perform well in a high humidity setting when low humidity is needed.

  • Functionality

A lot of people think that they will need to sacrifice some functionalities when they buy this dehumidifier at its below-average price tag.

If you’re one of them, you need to think again because the truth is you will not need to sacrifice not a single functionality when you invest in this device. As a matter of fact, this dehumidifier possesses very similar functionality as almost any other 70 pints dehumidifiers.

Key Features

Keystone KSTAD70B High Efficiency 70-Pint Dehumidifier with Electronic Controls

  1. Fan Speeds

This dehumidifier comes with two fan speeds. But unlike other models, its fan speeds aren’t marked “low” and “high”. Instead, the low fan speed is discernible by the “turbo” indicator light not being irradiated on the unit. While the high speed is discernible by the “turbo” light being illuminated in the control panel of the dehumidifier.

  1. Drainage system

One of the most delicate features of this dehumidifier is its drainage system. The Keystone KSTAD70B comes with a hose for the gravity drainage or has an attachment to connect to the usual garden hose.

This will require you to plug in a separate adapter to use the gravity drainage feature. Also, you will need a screwdriver as well as screws for the purpose, which we think a negative point.

  1. Warranty

The Keystone KSTAD70B is backed with a one-year warranty. However, the sealed system such as the condenser and compressor comes with a 2 to 5 years warranty.

  1. Design

The Keystone KSTAD70B sports a square design with a white glossy finish. But unlike other white dehumidifiers, this one is not an off white color.

  1. Price

For the majority of customers, the price will be the number one factor pushing them to invest in Keystone KSTAD70B. This dehumidifier is actually one of the most affordable 70-pint models. For as low as $200 you will have a dehumidifier that is easy to use, versatile, portable, and energy-efficient.

  1. Defrost Mode

The Keystone KSTAD70B has a defrost mode that is pretty surprising considering its price tag. When this mode is enabled at a lower temperature, the compressor of the unit will turn off while the fans will keep on running to melt the frost that might have accumulated on the dehumidifier’s evaporator coils. It also features a defrost light that illuminates once the defrost mode is enabled.

  1. Operating temperature range

This dehumidifier has an operating range of 41-degree to 95-degree Fahrenheit.

  1. Additional features

Though it doesn’t feature a handle, the Keystone KSTAD70B comes equipped with wheels for easy transportation. It also has an automatic restart option that will save the settings when a power outage happens.

In addition to that, if you are one of the many buyers who are worried about emptying the water tray each time it gets full you will be happy to know that the Keystone KSTAD70B dehumidifier allows continuous drainage.

Ease of Use

You would be happy to know that the Keystone KSTAD70B is very easy to use. This dehumidifier has a small and basic LED display that is easy and simple to use with a few hassled involved. Moreover, entering the settings to this dehumidifier is simple and easy as well.

The Keystone KSTAD70B comes equipped with a slide-out filter that helps in easy removal and cleaning. This is actually an advantage, but you wouldn’t be cleaning your filter often.

Also, due to the small tank size, emptying it can be a problem. But fortunately, this issue wouldn’t persist if you take advantage of its gravity drainage feature.

Maintenance and Upkeep

The Keystone KSTAD70B 70-pint dehumidifier is tailored to offer an efficient and reliable performance with minimum maintenance. Yes, you read it right, this model only requires little maintenance. This dehumidifier has a removable filter that you can easily clean by either vacuuming or washing it.

Keystone KSTAD70B High Efficiency 70-Pint Dehumidifier with Electronic Controls

Final Thoughts

Without a doubt, the Keystone KSTAD70B is an impressive dehumidifier that is designed for convenience and comfort. It can pull 70-pint of moisture from a room up 4500 square feet. What’s more, it comes with a number of automatic features.

Now that you already have an idea of what this dehumidifier has to offer, what are you waiting for? Invest in a Keystone KSTAD70B to dehumidify the air in your space without any problem.

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