Hisense DH-35K1SJE5 dehumidifier Review

A medium-sized energy-efficient and consistent dehumidifier, the DH-35K1SJE5 is among the most versatile dehumidifiers that you’ll discover on the block. This 35-pint dehumidifier, from the house of one of the leading producers of electric appliances, sets forth high productivity and accuracy to its users. Along with higher standards and quality, this stellar product proffers some nifty features. Here, we’ll bring into the spotlight, the functioning, characteristics, and some performance standards that will help you understand and grade the product clearly.Hisense DH-35K1SJE5 dehumidifier review


  • High energy efficiency
  • Portable and Versatile
  • Three ideally working operation modes
  • Full-bucket alert and Auto-stop


  • Not a front-runner in terms of noise dissipation


Energy Efficiency

In terms of energy efficiency, this dehumidifier, as compared to its other competitors, is a shoo-in. In general, it drew around 350 watts while working in a 50% relative humidity region. 

It is worth noting that the consumption of power is much less as compared to the 50 and 70-pint dehumidifiers. This is basically, due to the difference in speed. The DH-35K1SJE5 would remove 35 pints (16.56 liters) of water vapor per diem. On the other hand, a 50-70 pint counterpart would dehumidify 50-70 pints in the exact same duration.

Noise Level

Well, this would be the only flaw that you’ll get to observe in this product. As compared to its other adversaries it generates a slightly louder noise. To be precise, it produces around 56-58 dB at higher fan speed which is, unfortunately, the worst among its category.

This sole yet major negative associated with this product decreases its suitability for those who want a quieter option. In turn, this dehumidifier is not so well-recommended for bedrooms or other sleeping places where noise can be a concern. 

Moisture Removal

Moisture removal is undoubtedly the specialty of this dehumidifier. The DH-35K1SJE5  stood out in all aspects including speed, efficiency, and performance, especially under 50% relative humidity. As far as this particular factor is concerned, the Hisense DH-35K1SJE5 would be the most decent choice.

Fascinatingly, in this aspect, the DH-35K1SJE5 managed to be one of the front-runners even when compared with 50-pint dehumidifiers.

Key features

Now, it’s time to dig a little deeper over its functioning and usage.

  • The Hisense DH-35K1SJE5 bags a lot of features on the control panel. It has an adjustable humidistat ranging between 30% and 80% with 5% successive increments.
  • Moreover, it has a timer option that is easily operable in case of a delayed start/stop requirement with ½ hour increments up till 10-hour delay and 1-hour increment when the delay ranges between 10 & 24 hours. 
  • In addition, you can also enable the auto fan speed apart from the two manual speeds that work as per the requirements. The auto-fan speed is efficient in case of higher variations in relative humidity levels for a more consistent and comfortable environment.


Now, comes the most crucial discussion, the three operating modes that the DH-35K1SJE5 presents.

Operating Modes

The Auto Dry mode sets the unit to auto-fan speed and sets the desired humidity level to 50%. The speed of the fan changes automatically with the humidity level to maintain it to 50%.

The Continuous mode permits adjustment of the fan speed, whereas the desired humidity would still be untouched. In this setting, the fan speed remains the same irrespective of the relative humidity level. 

The Normal/Manual mode awards complete control to the user. The user may choose from the two fan speeds and even has the authorization for altering the desired humidity level.

Drainage System

The drainage functionality is standard and efficient, wherein the user can not only collect the condensed vapor in the in-built water tank but can also drain it by-way-of an external hose (not included with the product) that can be easily connected to the back of the unit. 

Displays & Controls

The LED display shows the relative humidity of the surrounding air, set timer reading, and the set value of desired humidity. The product features a helpful defrost mode and a ‘clean-filter’ indicator light that aids in removing dust deposits and impurities. Besides, it comprises the soft-touch electronic controls for easy and comfortable controlling of the unit. 

Tank Level Control

Interestingly, the product features a ‘full-bucket alert’ to indicate a high level of condensate in the water tank. However, in case of no-response to the alert, the unit automatically shuts off as soon as the tank fills up to 9.5 pints. Thus preventing unsafe spilling that might damage its functionality.

Ease of Use 

The small capacity of the water tank is a blessing in disguise. Since, for this reason, the unit maintains a lighter weight as well as a compact size. Furthermore, the lift handle along with caster wheels amplifies its portability. The side pocket handles as well as the hooks avoid an irritating mess of the cord and allow systematic storage and functioning of the unit.

The unit is around 5-10 pounds lighter than the usual 50-pint dehumidifiers and about 10-15 pounds lighter than the usual 70-pint counterparts. 

Maintenance & upkeep

The product includes a clear and simplified instruction manual along with the unit. 

The unit has an easily removable filter that may be cleaned to remove dust deposits, lints and other undesired particles for optimum performance. You’ll have to perform this task whenever the ‘clean-filter’ indicator light lits. The light will continue to be on for 180 hours if ignored.

Besides, the automatic de-icer allows the obstacle-free movement of the fan by preventing the formation of unwanted ice over the coils.

The draining process is very easy and can be accomplished even with the help of an external hose as mentioned above.

The product is recommended for the operation to around 38ºF for proper and durable functioning.

Overall, the DH-35K1SJE5 has a satisfactory ease-of-use and can not be considered as a high point of this product.

Final Thoughts

The Hisense DH-35K1SJE5 with its impressive quality and features makes a very suitable choice for those who wish to focus more on the product’s efficiency and versatility.

It furnishes its users with some advanced qualities along with the elementary functions of a basic dehumidifier. 

With superior quality coupled with some of the most eye-catching features, the DH-35K1SJE5 surely has a dab hand at dehumidifying!

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