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Hard Water Level | How to Test Hard Water

What is Hard Water?

Hard Water is just like normal water but with a higher content of minerals. This type of water is used to describe any water consisting of positive ions of minerals with a charge of +2. Hard Water is formed when the water percolates through the various deposits of calcium and magnesium-containing minerals like chalk, limestone, and dolomite.

Water Hardness can cause serious problems in different industrial settings, and so it is very important to test and monitor this level. Some of the common issues a person might face due to hard water are clogged pipes, damages to their water heating systems.

How to Test Water Hardness?

Hardness testing of water is often considered one of the major ways of understanding water quality. The various properties of water that hardness testing evaluates are strength, ductility, and wear resistance of water.  Water Hardness tests are usually performed by pressing a certain dimensioned and loaded intender or objects into the surface that is being tested.

A person can even consider contacting their local or municipal provider of water.  The providers have accurate reports that show the quality of water supplied to the homes of a city or locality. Some of the most talented and skilled professionals are involved in this testing process of water hardness. However, some of these reports might prove quite complex and technical for an average person.

Most of these reports show the results of water hardness in milligrams per liter or simply mg/L.

How is Hard Water Measured?

Most water hardness test reports measure the hardness level in grains per gallon or g—however, some other laboratories milligrams per liter or mg/L or even parts per million or ppm. There are various ways of measuring the hardness of water, some of which are even DIYs or do-it-yourself. For example, quick in-home testing involves a clear and transparent bottle, liquid soap, and water.

This bottle should be first filled with tap water of about three hundred and sixty milliliters. Then, the next few drops of liquid soap can be added to this bottle. It would be better if the bottle were kept closed or capped correctly. After this, the liquid water bottle should be shaken vigorously to make sure that the soap is thoroughly mixed with the water.

This water should be allowed some time to settle. Now a person should observe this water to see whether it has proper soap foam. Water with proper soak foam would be soft water. On the other hand, if the water consists of a lot of soap scum, it can be said that this water is Hard.

With the help of this easy method, any person can get to know whether the water available in the taps and pipes is soft or hard. Although, a significant disadvantage of using this method is that it would not let a person know about the level or degree of this hardness. To measure and understand the hardness level of the water, people prefer to use water hardness strips that are mainly meant for testing water.

These strips can be easily bought by a person through various online stores or shops. People who use these strips to judge the level of water hardness simply dip in the water and wait until the strip starts changing its color. Most of the companies that sell these strips provide a manual or guide with their product to better assist a person under the hardness of the water.

The strip measuring water hardness consists of different hues and colors that allow determining the exact level of the water hardness.

Acceptable Levels of Water Hardness

Water with a hardness level between 0 to 3 grains per gallon, then this water is ideal. There is no need to soften the water anymore in such a situation. There are different acceptable levels of water Hardness around the world. The water Hardness level of a certain locality would even depend on the number of people residing there.

Experts have classified various charts and lists that show the most suitable hardness level of water to use it. Based on this chart, a person can decide whether they need a water softener or not. The number of times one needs to use the water softener would depend directly on the number of people.

For example, if a family consists of just two members, the water hardness level would be different from that of a household with six members.

What is the Perfect Water Hardness?

Water with a hardness level of 0 to 3 grains per gallon does not require further softening. However, if the water test strip indicates that the water hardness is between 3 to 7 grains per gallon, then it can be said that the water is moderately hard.


  • Is 25 ppm hard water?

Water with 25 ppm is regarded as moderately hard water.

  • What hardness level should I set my water softener?

Once a person efficiently understands the hardness of their water, they would be capable of setting the water softener at a correct level. Usually, the water softener hardener should be at an amount of hardness present in the water plus the 4 for every part per million of the dissolved iron in the water.

  • Can you have too soft of water?

Soft water usually does not cause much trouble to those using it. Instead, it provides a slick feeling on a person’s skin and efficiently cleans it when soaps or shampoos are used.

  • Why is hard water such a problem?

Hard Water usually does not cause any major risks related to the heath of a person. However, it can prove to be a nuisance due to causing a buildup of minerals in water pipes and heating systems. Besides, hard water provides poor soap and detergent performance compared to soft water.

Final Word

Testing the hardness of water is considered extremely important to make sure the pipe and fittings of a place are in good condition. Water with extreme hardiness can lead to various accumulations of minerals in pipes. These accumulations might cause severe leaks and damages to the pipes.

To measure the hardness of water efficiently, a person should consider using a customized kit meant for testing the hardness of the water. These kits usually come with various important accessories and solutions that enable a person to understand and check whether the water they are using is at the desired level.

Reputed and qualified professionals and plumbers around the market have often mentioned that these kits come with bottles that have a mark until they can be filled. These kits consist of certain chemicals too that should be dropped in the water. It would eventually lead to a change in the color of the water, and based on this color, a person would be capable of understanding the level of water hardness.

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