Fellowes AeraMax DB55 Air Purifier Review

Fellowes AeraMax DB55 Air Purifier Review

Breathing fresh air is a necessity of every individual and in the polluted outdoors it is tough to have clean air. Due to the unclean air people started facing respiratory issues, asthma, allergies, and many other breathing problems. Leading a happy as well as a healthy life is possible with the help of the worthy air purifier which is designed to purify the indoor air. The Fellowes AeraMax DB55 air purifier is one of the certified air purifiers that clean the indoor air thoroughly.

With amazing features and proper certifications, this air purifier is one of the best devices which secures the indoor environment by catching hold of the culprits that are the reason for breathing issues and allergies. People irrespective of the age fall as prey to allergies and especially babies suffer a lot due to the impure air. The featured air purifier always stands as an aid to people looking to clear their indoor environment and supports living in a clean home with your family.Fellowes AeraMax DB55 Air Purifier Review


  • A very quiet air purifier.
  • Sleek design, compact size, and lightweight, which makes it easy to carry.
  • User and environment-friendly.


  • Filters need to be changed within 3 months for better functioning.
  • Not suggested as a tabletop.

Design, size, placement

The Fellowes AeraMax DB55 air purifier is known for its efficiency as well as quiet functioning and is perfect for peaceful night sleep. The indoor air gets purified automatically with an efficient air purifier ensures that the quality of the air is healthy to breathe. This air purifier is recommended for medium-sized rooms and the efficiency may reduce when it is used in larger rooms. With a classy appeal and advanced technology, the air purifier helps in getting rid of the pollutants and create a safe place to spend cherished moments.

The sleek device comes with dimension 7.1x13x20.5 inches, which makes it easy to carry from one room to another. The compact designs make the purifiers suitable for all décor and at the same time it efficiently purifies the room with 200-400 sq. Ft. It weighs around 9.9 pounds. The air purifier sanitizes the air completely and ensures that it is not harmful to people. The buttons are placed in a better manner and the light on the control panel makes working with it easier.

How it works and what sources of indoor pollution destroyFellowes AeraMax DB55 Air Purifier Review


Fellowes AeraMax DB55 air purifier is exclusively designed to get rid of pollen, spores, dirt, dust, mold, pet hair, dander and other dust particles that cause all sorts of allergies. It works in an efficient manner and makes sure that the air is free of all allergens making it pure and healthy. Apart from the 4 stage cleaning system, the purifier offers antimicrobial treatment which is a built-in technology that purifies the air thoroughly and making it safe to inhale.

  • HEPA: The True HEPA filters ensure that the air is cleaned thoroughly as it removes 99.97% of harmful particles from the air. The purifier is much effective on smoke as the filters keep the air purified collecting the airborne particles.
  • Plasma True technology: This is an ionizer which safely removes harmful airborne particles from the room.
  • Carbon filters: The major gases emitted through household appliances pollutes the indoor air. Cleaning the stubborn odor and gases is easy with the help of the carbon filters. They do not emit harmful ozone and ensures freshness in the room.
  • Power consumption: The air purifier consumes only 6 to 58 watts of power and works much efficiently.

Key Features

The AeraMax DB55 air purifier is one amazing purifier that clears the room faster in Aera+ mode and is apt for baby rooms and nursery due to its calm work.

  • Certification: The best part of using the AeraMax DB55 air purifier is that it comes with a good certification due to the capacity of cleaning the air. The device is UL listed and also has AHAM, CARB, Energy Star certification which comforts all the users.
  • 4-Stage Cleaning: The cleaning is completed in 4 stages in safe operation mode. Apart from the finest functioning of the filter, replacement is easy which makes the purifier much user-friendly and efficient.
  • Aera Smart Sensor: Along with the smart look and amazing durability the device has Aera Smart Sensor which monitors the air at regular intervals by regulating the fan speed.
  • Night mode: This is ideal for light sleepers, people can enjoy a good sleep as the lights can be dimmed according to the comfort level.
  • Child lock: The device is safe and perfect for the houses with children. The child lock assures securing the purifier from accidental operations. This mode locks the display panel making sure that no setting changes and purifies the room.
  • Warranty: The AeraMax DB 55 air purifier comes with a warranty of 3 years.

Noise Level

The purifier is one of the calm models which is known for its efficiency and due to the ultra-quiet feature, it is much useful for families with babies.


The CADR of the purifier varies for dust, pollen and smoke and the ratings are almost at the count of 129, 124, 126 respectively. For the room of 200-400 sq. Ft it works much effectively and sanitizes the air.

Maintenance and Upkeep

The AeraMax DB55 air purifier comes with 4 stage filtration and the filters need to be replaced around 3 months. The change filter light indicator is much useful in the purifier as it warns about when to change the carbon and HEPA filters. The filter can be placed from the side of the purifier and due to this, it is easy to install and uninstall.


Gain maximum protection for the air you inhale in your home as this air purifier reduces all kinds of harsh odors in the room very easily. TheAeraMax DB55 air purifier is the finest model of air purifiers that suits all the rooms and helps in getting rid of polluted air. The harmful particles in the air are the basic reason behind several respiratory issues and with this purifier, it is simple to lead a happy as well as a healthy life.

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