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Why Does Drinking Water Make Me Nauseous?

Drinking water makes you nauseous for a few different reasons. While there are a variety of primary causes, they all revolve around one thing: your body’s natural defenses. Your body’s natural defenses protect against Disease-causing bacteria, parasites, and other pathogens. When you feel queasy after drinking water, your body detects something it isn’t used to in the water. 

This article will explain why water makes you sick, what causes it, and how to avoid getting sick in the future. We’ll also go through simple techniques to keep hydrated and healthy by avoiding nausea after drinking water.

What Is Nausea?

Nausea is a sense of unease or discomfort in the stomach or upper abdomen. It might range from a minor “icky” feeling to being exceedingly sick to the point of vomiting. Nausea could be a feeling of physical unwellness, ordinarily with the need to toss up that has signs that incorporate an upset stomach and sweating more than typical. 

It could be a stomach inconvenience within the sensation of needing to upchuck. It has indications like discombobulation and faintness, dry mouth, runs, fever, stomach torment, and diminished urination. Common causes of sickness include sedate side impacts, nourishment harming, movement ailment, pregnancy, drinking, and much liquor. Some of the time, strongly or unsavory smells initiate the feeling of queasiness.

Why Do You Feel Nauseous After Drinking Water?

Why Do You Feel Nauseous After Drinking Water?

Your mouth isn’t used to water when you swallow it because water is so essential and beneficial; it does not mean that we can drink water whenever we want to. When your body detects that something isn’t quite right, it responds in one of two ways: 

  1. It stimulates the gag receptors in your throat, triggering the gag reflex.
  2. It stimulates the vomit receptors in the back of your throat, which might cause vomiting. This is why drinking water makes you feel sick.
  3. A gag reflex and a vomit reflex are both present in you. You will feel sick if a water source activates one or both of these reactions.

What Causes Nausea After Drinking Water?

Water can make you nauseous in a variety of ways, including:

  1. Water Contamination

Your body interprets the water as tainted. Natural defensive mechanisms exist for a reason. Your body can protect you from hazardous diseases by not always being able to distinguish the difference between bacteria and other germs. When your body detects anything in the water that isn’t a bacteria or other germ, it becomes overprotective.

  1. Stomach Spasm

Your stomach is spasming. When you drink water, your stomach stretches to accommodate the water. But, doing so also triggers a reflex that causes your stomach to spasm. This is why you feel like you need to hurl, even if you’re not throwing up.

  1. Germs 

Even if you’re not a germaphobe, many have a threshold for germs. When we’re exposed to high germs, our bodies respond defensively to help protect us from getting sick. This is known as the immune response, and it’s a natural part of our physiology. The immune response can be triggered by water and certain microorganisms. 

  1. Hydration

Another reason why drinking water can make you nauseous is because the body uses it to maintain hydration, balance electrolytes, and eliminate waste products. When you drink water, it passes through your gastrointestinal tract and gets eliminated from your body. 

When you’re hydrated, and your cells receive the correct balance of electrolytes such as sodium and chloride, it will not make you nauseous. However, if you’re dehydrated and you don’t have enough electrolytes, drinking water can make you nauseous.  

  1. Halogens

Although drinking water is a fantastic way to stay healthy, it can make us feel ill. Some water sources include halogens, which are toxic to people. Water from natural springs contains these halogens. They are also present in some healthy water. You may suffer nausea after drinking water from those sources if you live where water supplies must be regularly regulated.

  1. Drinking water in the morning

It is a common belief that you need to drink water first thing in the morning when you wake up to be hydrated and to speed up your metabolism. If you’re drinking a lot of water in the morning, there is a possibility that you might be doing so on an empty stomach which may cause you pain because of low energy in your body. 

  1. Coldwater during exercise

Drinking cold water shortly after exercise might shock the digestive system because the body creates a lot of heat. Before any absorption can occur, the body must first warm itself in cold water. This shock can make you feel sick, queasy, or cause stomachaches.

How Do I Stop Feeling Sick After Drinking Water?

How Do I Stop Feeling Sick After Drinking Water?

A certain water source may be making you sick. If that’s the case, cut that food out of your diet and see if your symptoms improve. If that doesn’t work, investigate other reasons for nausea after drinking water. Some components in water might cause allergies. If this is the case, attempt to limit your exposure to the chemicals listed below:

  • Use a filter when drinking water.
  • Use a glass bottle to sip your water.
  • Re-acclimating the body to drinking water is sometimes all that is required. This can be performed by gradually increasing your daily water consumption.
  • If you still feel queasy after drinking water, gradually increase your water consumption. Your body will respond less badly if you consume more water.
  • A large glass of cooled water can seem like a good idea in the summer. Experts, on the other hand, frequently advise switching to warm water.

Everyone understands that drinking water is beneficial to all living things on the planet. What’s the harm in that? Water is essential for our survival and overall health. It serves as a natural hydration and food source for animals and plants.


Water is necessary for our survival, but there are specific instances when it might make you feel nauseous or sick. Always drink water carefully, and there are techniques to avoid suffering nausea while doing so. Stay hydrated this summer to keep your body healthy while drinking water safely.

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