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BlueAir Blue Pure 211+ Air Purifier Review | Silent Performer

The air that we breathe plays a key role in defining our health and longevity of life. No wonder the air is called the need of life. However, over the years, the deterioration in the quality of the air we breathe has been causing many health issues. If you thought outdoor is the reason for this problem, then you have got it wrong. The current situation is a result of breathing polluted air indoor and outdoor.

Shocked to know that the indoor air that we breathe is polluted? Yes, the indoor air that we think is clean is polluted with many allergens and pollutants like dust, odor from fumes, pet pollutants, etc. Driven by a mission to clean indoor air, many air purifiers have forayed into the market. One such effective and successful air purifier is the BlueAir Blue Pure 211+ air purifier. Manufactured by Blue Air, BlueAir Blue Pure 211+ air purifier is a premium product of the company in the medium size purifiers collection.

BlueAir Blue Pure 211+ Air Purifier


  • The machine is a silent performer. Even at the highest speed, it is not that audible.
  • Unlike other machines wherein replacing filters is an expensive affair. However, BlueAir offers pocket-friendly filter replacement.
  • It can be well defined as worth the money it costs.
  • It can be called the perfect fit for highly polluted indoor air


  • No auto-timer
  • It doesn’t have wifi, Bluetooth, and app connectivity

BlueAir Blue Pure 211+ Air Purifier Design, Size & Portability

It is a compact and tall box model with air vents on the top. The machine is premium quality plastic.

The machine’s body is made of two detachable parts.

The bottom half is dedicated to filtration, and the top half acts as the fan that releases purified air.

Simple design with one single light to indicate that the machine is on. The machine dimensions are 21 x 13 inches.

The machine weighs around 5.7Kgs.

The machine is a pick and plug model. The machine is available in two different colors.

BlueAir Blue 211+ Air Purifier Purifying Power | What Sources of Indoor Pollution Destroy?

The purifier uses 3 stage filtering process that ensures the removal of all kinds of air allergens.

BlueAir Blue Pure 211+ Air Purifier filters

The machine captures 99% of Airborne Pollutants Like Viruses, Pollen, Dust, Pet Dander, Mold, Bacteria, and More.

Eliminates odors. An activated carbon filter reduces gases, VOCs, and annoying odors from pets, smoke, fumes from cooking, wildfire, and more.

The machine has an external washable filter at the bottom half.

The pre-filters are washable and can be replaced as well.

The machine uses carbon filters to remove VOC particles.

Ideally, these filters need replacement every 6 months. But if the usage is heavy, then they need to be changed before.

BlueAir Blue Pure 211+ Air Purifier Key Features

  • The bottom half is covered by a pre-filter fabric that comes in various colors such as cyan, pink, and yellow.
  • The noise range of the machine is 31 to 56 dBA.
  • The power consumption also is reasonable, with the range being 30 – 61 watts.
  • The machine runs with one single button. Just keep pressing it; the machine would change modes.

BlueAir Blue Pure 211+ Air Purifier Noise Level

The unit can be called a silent performer with a noise range of 31 to 56 dBA. Unless

BlueAir Blue Pure 211+ Air Purifier CADR, ACH, Room Coverage

The machine has a Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) of 350 ft3/min

The machine is perfect for a room size of 540 square feet.

BlueAir Blue Pure 211+ Air Purifier Maintenance and Usage

The machine is easy to set up a model

Unbox the machine, attach both the halves, and plugin and it’s ready to use.

It is suggested to place the machine on a table.

If you are placing it on the floor, ensure to keep a minimum of 4 inches of free space around the machine.

When it comes to changing the filters, the pre-filter is washable. All you need to do is slide it off and wash it.

Coming to the filter, i.e., inside the machine. Just open the top half, and the filter would slide out. Replace it with a new one.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does BlueAir Blue Pure 211+ have a HEPA filter?

No, the machine doesn’t have HEPA filters but having said that, you can be assured of 99.9% purification.

How long does the BlueAir Blue Pure 211+ Air Purifier filter last?

Ideally, the filter needs to replace every six months, but this depends on the usage, size of the room, and the magnitude of pollutions inside the roo.

Does BlueAir Blue Pure 211+ Air Purifier emit ozone?

No, the machine doesn’t. In fact, it is designed to reduce ozone contribution in indoor air.

How to get BlueAir Blue Pure 211+ air purifier filters?

The pre-filters are like 10$ whereas the filter is like 70$. You can order them online.

Does the purifier have 360 degrees air intake?

No. Therefore, you need to place the machine in a corner or on a table, 4 inches away from the wall, for effective performance.

Final Thoughts

The machine is a perfect bet for small living spaces. It’s simple to use and manage. However, when you look at the operating cost, that’s where BlueAir Blue Pure 211+ air purifier loses a point in the long run. The cost of the machine and the impact it gives are not proportionate. Therefore, you may think that the machine is a bit overrated compared to its serviceability. However, if you are a brand person and are particular about buying BlueAir Blue Pure 211+ air purifiers, go for it. But if you are open to options, there are more in the market offering the same services better with lesser investment.

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