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We aim to bring your piece out to as many viewers as possible. Therefore, WE WILL NOT ADD BIO TO THE POSTS. Also, we will hold the copyright of posted articles.

What We Are Waiting For From a Contributor Post.

Helpful, appropriate, thoughtful articles, expert guidance, and informational articles. Please avoid any fluff or repetition of writing. Any fluff will result in a revision request. Make sure every bit of the text is helpful to your reader, and make this the best online article on the topic.

DOs and DON’Ts regarding the article.


  • The article must be original, unique, and at least 1,500 words long. (In some cases, we will accept less). Articles must not have been posted anywhere else, online or offline. This includes your website.
  • Please write in the first person and inject personality. Write in a casual tone, like presenting to your friends. Be informative, educational, and cheerful, yet still easy to read.
  • Please include at least one photo (larger than 600×600 px); it must be unique and not stolen from other sources. 
  • Regarding introduction. It needs to be short and exciting (no fluff). Write something personal and/or incorporate interesting facts and/or statistics relevant to the subject. 
  • Link to authoritative sources where relevant. (For any information you use in the article sourced elsewhere, please insert link attribution in the article). Please do not use endnotes or list references at the end.
  • You can place a link to your source in the article. 
  • Feel free to link to other articles on indoorbreathing.com as well.


  • Write a post precisely to advertise a business, brand, or product. 
  • Instead, propose an article written by content ranches only to boost SEO.
  • Link to any product. 

Is There Anything Else You Should Know?

All articles contributed to our website will be the property of indoorbreathing.com. So be noted that all content ownership will belong to us. But you can continuously refer potential customers to the content so they can see your work.

We will generally give your piece our headline and editing to suit the Indoorbreathing style. We’ll also add our images to the post. 

Is It Free To Post On Indoorbreathing.com?

Yes and No. Let me explain. Yes, if you won’t include links to your source/website/blog.

No, if you include links to your website. 

How much do we ask? Please write to us to discuss the price.

For businesses. We accept products in exchange for a review. So if you have a relevant product to our website that is exciting and want us to review it, please send it to us. Contact us for more info. 

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